Mezaball World Cup: Tonga 2016

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After looking back at my concepts, I decided to do a World cup of my fictional sport, Mezaball.


Mezaball is a fast-paced sport played between two teams of 15 players.

It is played on a field with a length between 136-170 m and a width of between 87-114 m.

A match has two halves of 40 minutes each.

It is a full-contact sport, and uses a slightly oval ball that is around half the size of a volleyball.

The current world champions are Australia, who have won the last two championships.







There are two ways to score in Mezaball, one way is to kick the ball through the uprights, which is worth one point, and the other way is in the net, which is worth 4 points.

The net height (no uprights) is 3 m, and the width is 1.5 m.

It will be held in Tonga, in the Teufaiva Sports Stadium and the (fictional) Nuku'alofa Stadium.

The 26 teams competing for gold this year are:

Australian and Oceanian Mezaball Confederation (AOMC)

Australia (1st)

Papua New Guinea (4th)

New Zealand (6th)

Nauru (7th)

Tonga (11th)

Fiji (13th)

Samoa (25th)

European Mezaball Association (EMA)

Great Britain (2nd)

Ireland (5th)

Denmark (10th)

Croatia (12th)

France (14th)

Sweden (15th)

Germany (18th)

Finland  (22nd)

Iceland (26th)

North American Mezaball Association (NAMA)

USA (3rd)

Canada (9th)

African Mezaball Association (AMA)

South Africa (8th)

Mezaball Association of Asia (MAA)

Japan (16th)

Israel (17th)

Indonesia (19th)

Pakistan (20th)

China (21st)

East Timor (23rd)

India (24th)


This is the trophy they are competing for, the Barret Cup!



C&C is appreciated!

More to come tomorrow!


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