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Notre Dame Fighting Irish hockey concept


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Concept idea for HJC of the Notre Dame Fighting Irish. 


I took a celtic pattern and set it in the gold stripe adding the ND seal which is currently worn on their shoulders. The fonts are from the Cinci reds, I thought the style was similar to the style of the ND crest I used. I made my own version of the Under Armour template for SVG 


Any comments welcome. 


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The green is the most to my liking, and is also my favorite of the set.  The use of the baseball ND is an interesting choice, but it works.

So you bleed burgundy and gold...sounds painful, you should see a doctor about that :P

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I always find it hilarious that Don Lucia, the Coach of the Golden Gophers, has a son who plays for Notre Dame... 


The Green jersey is the best, and this set is MUCH better than what they actually wear. Nice job! 

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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