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Major League Volleyball - Story of a Fictional League


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I think there should be a professional volleyball league. Well, I'm already making one. Although the project might take a while to work on (it's inspired by Veras' AFA), this project will be quite interesting. In the meantime, before I start designing uniforms, let's give you guys a backstory.


The roots of the MLV go back to 1919, when the New York Volleyball League was established, beginning with 6 teams in Albany, Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse, and 2 teams in New York City. Among those 6 teams, they would lay the foundation for what would become the MLV. In 1921, the NYVL added the Philadelphia Liberty from the Keystone League, who would be the first expansion team and the first team to not play in the state of New York. But let's not get too detailed. Over time, the league added more teams outside of New York, and eventually, especially during the Great Depression, many teams from New York would either fold or move. (Such as the Albany Dukes moving to Pittsburgh.) By 1940, the league was known as the American Men's Volleyball League, and had boiled down to 10 teams, those teams being based in New York, Brooklyn, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Detroit, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, St. Louis, Boston, and Chicago. But at the same time, a new competition had begun. The National Women's Volleyball Association had begun, also with 10 teams, some of them in the same cities as AMVL teams. A battle between the 2 leagues would be held every year starting in 1946, in the battle for what is now known as the Coed Cup. In 1955, the 2 leagues sort-of merged, creating the MLV. Since then, several teams have relocated to different areas, and the league has also expanded all over the country, even with one team in Toronto.


But that's that. I'll be working on more stuff soon, and I hope you liked the backstory.

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