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Super Bowl Shuffle LIII - Atlanta


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Took a week off from posting these to give as much time to get as many submissions for this set of concepts. We will have 3 in this round.


Check out this thread for the details


This is the seventh logo we're commissioned to do. The Bucs got out of the Panthers' shadow, and beat the Jaguars at the new Falcons' stadium. As a designer, you will get to pick between Super Bowl LI, Super Bowl LII and Super Bowl LIII to create a new logo for the game.


There's no major requirements for the logo. The logo must be a 800x600 image, and on a blank color background of your choice. No personal branding can be included, just to keep it anonymous when voting. You can post the logo in the concept section after voting is done.


Some things I have noticed staring at Super Bowl logos for the last week. The Roman Numerals are the main focal point. The logos are slightly generic, with simple motifs of the area/region. The logos typically don't connect to the NFL team in the city. No skylines are ever used, and they rarely have the city's names.


This round will start 3/13, and end 3/27. The final time to submit your logo is 11:59 that Sunday. I'll post the logos that Monday, and we'll have 72 hours to vote from the time I make that post. The only way to submit will be to email me at michaeldanger94@gmail.com.


Voting can be followed along here


So without further ado, post in this thread if you're signing up for the Super Bowl LII round.

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So the voting has been explained before, but I'll go over it again. Vote for your favorite, and most votes win. Disappointed at the turn out for this one, to be honest. After voting closes Thursday night, then the scores will be tallied and assigned points. Those final points will be how much each person earns for that round, and will be the score that carries over to the other rounds. Any ties in this final round will be decided by me. Also, don't vote for yourself. That's self explanatory, but worth mentioning.


Without further adieu, here are the 2 entrees for Super Bowl LIII. 


Entry I

Entry II


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