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Ultimate Bracket Upsets


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One thing I pride myself in is my ability to pick a bracket. I always have the ability to sniff out that one cinderella team that goes on an upset run.


 Remember FGCU/Dunk City? I picked them to go to the Sweet 16. Literally. It was because teal was like totes, my fave color, so naturally, I picked them because they wore teal, not because I sniffed them out. But that triggered some sort of upset gene in me to something. UAB over ISU? Picked it. GSU over Baylor? Picked it. So that got me thinking, what MEGA UPSETS have you picked, and not a 9 over an 8, something big!

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11 hours ago, sc49erfan15 said:

Not going to quote the image, but man, that shade of royal and kelly green look fantastic together - and that combo is very underutilized.


Terrible logo, great uniform --


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Speaking to the thread, I picked my alma-mater correctly the last two times we were in the tournament and not out of homerism. In 2010 when I was a senior I thought Armon Bassett and DJ Cooper were going to rain threes on Georgetown, plus it's Georgetown. I turned out to be correct and it resulted in one of my favorite sports photos and one of the best nights of my college experience. We were a 14 seed and won by 14. It was awesome. Unfortunately I was also right about losing in the next round. The magic wore out. 




DJ Cooper was a freshman and looked like young Steve Urkel. He put on muscle in the coming years and filled out, but that first year he looked like the last person in the arena who should be on the court. 


2010 cell phone camera comin atcha




Two years later I just had a feeling they'd beat Michigan (which was the greatest) and then the bracket dictated they'd matchup with USF in the second round and I felt good about that one too. I had them losing to North Carolina in the Sweet 16, but damn they were a missed free throw from pulling it off. We were playing with house money, but that one still stings. 


Not a basketball fan by any stretch, but this tournament is one of the best times of the year. ^ that's why. 

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