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New England Revolution Logo & Stadium Concept (Final Widett Circle Update)


Revolution Rebrand  

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I've tried to rebrand the Revs many of times but this is the first time I think it's actually acceptable. I've spent a couple of weeks adapting this crest. As well as creating the new logo and jerseys, I also like to draw what the possible stadium in my off time and what it would look like so here we go!



bgefw.pngthe new revo.png


Kit and Crests

concept copy.png



edit: I should mention that the inspiration of the stadium would be like a mix between Sporting Park and Red Bull Arena



w/ roof

stade riiif.png


C&C is greatly appreciated

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6 hours ago, CanucksBrad said:

You're gonna have to explain the relevance of the Christmas tree to me.

It's from the flag of New England.


I'll have an update later today, making the tree larger like fouhy said. Any more C&C? There's been a lot of poll answers but I don't know how to improve if I don't get any suggestions.


Sorry, this was the best picture I have atm.

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I like.  All the Rev  concepts I’ve seen are trying to incorporate the flag, which I think is a good idea, even if it was a secondary logo for a clash kit.  For this one however, I’d probably reverse the color (red à white) and maybe get rid of any BLACK outline/lines.  So many logos would look so much better without black outlining (Sounders).  The red doesn’t mix well with green on that 3rd uniform which kinda stood out for me as a slight negative. 

The stadium.... too easy. Anything is better than Gillette (for soccer)...maybe except RFK. 

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23 minutes ago, upperV03 said:

Are you aware that you are currently using Nike socks with the Adidas shirt and shorts?

oh wow, I've been using Nike for my MPL series and I guess I forgot to change that lol.

edit: I went back and changed it, but there's no use for another update.

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13 minutes ago, Jvhn177 said:

What about simplifying the logo like the Portland Timbers have done on some of their jerseys

Like this? I suppose I could try to take away the crest and just use the tree? 



Edit: I'm just gonna throw this logo out here as well.


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