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Formula 1 Concepts


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Hello everyone, I'm going to post here my works. 


p.s. I'm not good enough to create my own template, so i borrowed it from marble21. (Thank you!)


Scuderia Ferrari 







Valentino Rossi fantasy Team: VR-46 Racing Team




Inspired by this valentino-rossi-ford-fiesta-wrc.jpg


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Great to see another F1 fan on the boards prof.



It really looks and feels a lot like the Ferrari 312T - which is definitely a good thing. As well as having that retro inspired feel to it, it does look like something which could grace the 2016 grid. I prefer this to the current Ferrari as I believe that has too much black on it. I'm sure your concept would be well received by the Tifosi.



You did a great job of transforming the look from the Fiesta onto the F1 car. The Monster and Movistar sponsors work really well with the colour scheme - which I would love to see on an actual car. I don't think there has been any lime green before other than Brawn GP maybe? I'm not sure that having huge #46 on the car would be allowed as I think it would interfere with the driver's actual numbers. Maybe it would always have to have VR next to every 46.



What program are you using to make these? If you could save them as a .png rather than a .jpg then they would come out less blurry. Hoping to see more teams soon.

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Thank you for your feedback! Well, in Italy we love motorsport, Ferrari is a religion for most of us!


I totally agree with you, there's too much black in the real sf16-h livery! Lime green cars are very rare in F1, i remember the 2000 Minardi  minardi2000-1-e1421604139594.jpg


and thanks to google, i found another team: Scuderia Coloni (1987-1991)  worst-f1-teams-03.jpg



I use photoshop cc, next time i'll post the .png for a better result.

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