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2016 CFL Uniforms


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19 minutes ago, Bucfan56 said:


The black helmet is pretty meh to me, but I absolutely LOVE that orange helmet. 


The USFL called. They want their helmet back.   And why are they using 2 very different oranges on the 2 helmets (one satin/matte and one chrome-ish)?   I blame Oregon and Nike.  I know this is an Adidas set, but I just need to blame Oregon and Nike for all that is wrong in the world. 




Winnipeg-- Huge upgrade, love the retro look.

Saskatchewan-- Nice upgrade. 

Edmonton-- Minor upgrade with the new white jersey.

Toronto-- Same same

Hamilton-- Same same, still miss the helmet stripe

Montreal-- Same same

Ottawa-- Not a fan of the hashtag, wanted some plaid in there, but overall "Meh"

Calgary-- Love the number font, hate the amount of black.  Too much black in the CFL, what is wrong with Red with only limited black trim, especially with Ottawa back in play. 

BC-- Disaster.  You rip off the Michigan Panthers, the color-on-color numbers on the orange does not work, the white/orange jerseys also don't work.  The two oranges don't

       even match between home and away, the tramp stamp is completely unecessary.  Major downgrade on all levels. 






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3 hours ago, appleclock said:




3 hours ago, HailGoldPants said:

BC's helmet reminds me of the old USFL Michigan Panthers.

My first thoughts exactly. Those helmets are pretty beloved as well, but I think the color schemes have a lot to do in the different reaction to these. Orange or any dark shade of red on black is going to look muddled, especially from afar, especially when you have so many lines going on in this design.

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3 hours ago, nash61 said:



I will miss the white helmet but I really like the black helmet and logo. To me, that helmet gives the Lions flexibility for future uniform upgrades and even a possible inverted black and orange 3rd jersey. 


I love the uniqueness of the away orange helmets but not a fan of having different home and away helmets. Pick a colour and stick with it. I would prefer black because it has a long standing history with the club, going back to the Lions' first three decades. And great to see helmet striping back.

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Other than the ass crack logo, I like BC's set. I like it much more than their previous set. Orange jersey, no stripes, boring. This is much, much better to me.


Wish Montreal used this chance to do things over. Their uniforms have been a trainwreck of mismatched colours and elements for years.


I will be picking up one of the blue Winnipeg jerseys. Maybe even one of the whites. Both of them are pure sex.

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I did not think there would be that much changes this year,


IMHO from west to east


BC: While the lion shape on the helmet is not a creation in itself, I kinda like it. We now know the league may be looking at two helmets scheme per team, as surprising it may seen. Jerseys are an attemps for something new, but I don't really like em, despite I believe go out of the box is a good move here. I give a C

EDM: Step forward, just with getting rid of the white. I give a B-

CAL: Nice number font, pretty standard jerseys, could have gone more modern, C+

SASK: So hard to come with nice jerseys for the Riders, this team should simply go back to the 70's look. Helmet's fine though. C

WIN: We knew they were going back and they are clearly the winners here (but, as always, some designers somewhere convinced the league putting blue shoulder patches on a classic team/colors combo?? really) B+

HAM: For some reason, here I like the white jerseys, the black are CFL classics (take note MTL) B

TOR: Well, okay, no changes..C

OTT: More modern, more contrasts please: C

MTL: Its time for new logo, unis, etc... D


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26 minutes ago, philcar1994 said:

Calgarys full sets, plus numbers. They were designed by the same guy that did the Maple Leafs new logo and the WHC Logos 



It's like they couldn't decide if they wanted sleeve caps so they went half way!

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I wanna cry. These..... why? All of these have at LEAST one issue with them. Argos still have the best look in the CFL.


Now I know what I want to do for my concept series that I've been contemplating. The CFL fully redesigned with proper looks. 3 teams (3!) are using the same template, the replica's look like crud and ugh.... I wanna barf at these.


There's some good ideas, but all fail.

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Quick thoughts on the new uniforms unveiled by the Argonauts and Lions...

* I have to say that if the Argonauts are going to go with traditional striping on their sleeves, I prefer that it be accompanied by simple white numbers on the jerseys. I don't know why, but even a simple Cambridge Blue outline around the numbers strikes me as overkill.

* I'm very disappointed that such traditional uniforms feature truncated striping on the pants.



*The Lions' logo needs to be updated. I'm not advocating for a radical change. Rather, the lion-in-profile simply needs to be modernized and rendered so as to appear a bit more aggressive. As it stands now, the lion looks to be either coughing up a hairball or giggling. The font in which the "BC" is rendered should also be updated. Personally, I'd go with something sleeker and more stylized.


As for the new uniforms, I think that with a few tweaks they'd be terrific.

* I love the idea of a Michigan Panther-esque helmet treatment. I'd start with the modernized, more aggressive update of the Lions logo that I mentioned above - sans the "BC", as the Lions actually opted for with the helmet they unveiled today - and apply it to the helmet so that it extends a bit higher towards the crown. As applied to the helmets unveiled today, the lion seems too squat. I'd also do away with the outer key line and the slashes/stripes through the base of the lion. They add nothing to the logo and simply muddle an otherwise inspired idea. I don't mind the black helmet and face mask with orange logo and stripe, but I wouldn't be adverse to seeing what an orange helmet with black logo, stripe and face mask would look like.


* I like the orange home jerseys with the black numbers on the front and back, the black yoke and sleeves with orange TV numbers, the orange stripe through the sleeves, and the orange collar. That said, I'll admit that I find the sleeves look much better when truncated as worn on-field by the players, as I prefer how said alteration eliminates the awkward "insert" look of the striping and pushes the TV numbers up onto the shoulder. As for the "LIONS" word mark, I'd have it applied in whatever new font the "BC" from the team's primary logo was rendered in. It goes without saying that the "tramp stamp" primary logo would be nowhere to be found on my ideal BC Lions jersey.


* I'm also a fan of the black home pants without stripes. I'd opt for the same placement of an updated primary logo on the pants.

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10 hours ago, monkeypower said:

Outside of BC, the Als not changing anything, the REDBLACKS #pants and the Stamps black away helmet, most of these aren't too bad and I can live with them.


I definitely wouldn't call them,


The Stamps, Riders and REDBLACKS replicas for sale have weird looking sleeves though. The sleeve gets extended, but the sleeve trim colour gets extended, instead of the sleeve itself.




Side panels, monochromes, huge tramp stamps logos, weird template, huge front wordmarks, names on pants, HASHTAGS on pants, truncated stripes, ugly sleeves and so on. What a missed opportunity to look serious for a change...

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On 5/12/2016 at 9:47 PM, Danny said:

The now-previous jerseys actually had four stripes as well.



Hey, you're right. I've always seen three stripes cause the players padding pushes everything up. 

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After seeing all the jerseys, I must say, overall, honestly, I'm not impressed and I'm especially disappointed with what the BC Lions have come up with. At least their main jersey is still orange. That's a plus in my opinion. I think Winnipeg's blue jersey, and Toronto's slightly updated jerseys are the only good things to come out of today's unveiling. Those are good upgrades, especially Winnipeg's Royal Blue jersey. 


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