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2016 CFL Uniforms


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On April 21, 2016 at 6:22 PM, bkknight95 said:

Don't know if this will qualify as unpopular but I like the black lines on the football. 

I completely agree with you actually. Looks a lot better.


Ive only ever played football with a Canadian sized ball, those painted white lines always become slippery no matter what 

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https://ca.sports.yahoo.com/blogs/cfl-55-yard-line/bo-levi-mitchell-takes-photo-of-cfl-ball-prototypes--but-they-re-not-coming-soon-181036063.html - Regarding the black-striped balls: They're merely prototypes, according to this blog entry from Yahoo Canada Sports's CFL blog, The 55 Yard Line. No changes will be made to the game balls themselves at this time.

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2 hours ago, BigBubba said:

According to the motherboard, the TiCats' new uniforms "got a little bit more swagger" to them. This is reeeal promising. :rolleyes:


I mean, it was going to be hard no matter what to improve upon the Ticats look, but this would pretty much guarantee they're going to be terrible. Saying a jersey has more "swagger" just reeks of grasping at straws.

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I took a shot on what i'd like to see for the Argos, based on the teaser image ( I'm sure it will be completely different ). But I did this concept a while ago ( in spoiler below to see ). Now seeing that they are bringing a light blue outline to the jerseys, I touched my concept up a bit based on what I see. I know there is no stripe down the middle but, it would be nice if they went something similar to this ( but that's just me ).




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30 minutes ago, M4One said:

Black helmets for the Lions is fine since it's part of their history, though I'd prefer they stick with a white helmet.  The question is will they stick the primary on the helmet or use the paw logo?

They appear to use the primary on the helmet in the video

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