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A Very AdiCWS by ECUFan25 (2/64) ECU Added


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Note from the OP:


We haven't had good baseball concepts in a while on here (no offense anyone) and it's that time of year again to startarrow-10x10.png up. So I thought I would lead off and start a brand new series. I have progressed majorly since my last baseball concepts. Links below. I got new templates, better tools, more experience, and better feedback. Not just 30 ppd noobs who joined a week ago. Sometimes even veteran posters comment on my work, and I am very grateful. So um...thanks for all that. Onto the concept.


This is goingarrow-10x10.png to be a redesign of every team in the CWS last summer by region. I am startingarrow-10x10.png off with the Coral Gables, Florida Regional (No, I did not choose that one so I can actually share an ECU concept I made, there are lots of them, it was completelyarrow-10x10.png random-ish, I picked an adidas team to showcase my new template on), and the 1 seed and host team Miami Hurricanes. Yes, every team will have adidas as their manufacturer.


Here'sarrow-10x10.pngthe Canes of Miami!





Next we head to Greenville, NC to take on the currently #19 (shameless plug), and 2 seed East Carolina Pirates!

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Herearrow-10x10.pngs the Pirates!


2 Seed//East Carolina Universityarrow-10x10.png Pirates

I really like their current set, the only thing I did was changed the jersey colors and added a very experimental 'ghost' alternate. I had to playarrow-10x10.png around on that one before I finally found one I liked.





Columbia may be up tonight, but I don't want to make any promises.

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Going to be honest with you, these are quite bad. All you are did, essentially, was swap colors between Miami and ECU. The Gray hat looks completely out of place, the pant stripes look gaudy, and the blank black hat is rather bush league. I'd try to be more creative and put together concepts that are clean, and not ragged like these are.

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If your goal is to truly make "good baseball concepts", then starting off a series with teams wearing green, purple, and black pants isn't the way to do it. ECU's gray cap could work with grey pants, but the black alt is a miss on all levels (no cap logo, lettering and numbers unreadable, etc)

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