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NHL Jersey Designs


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24 minutes ago, Zeus89725 said:

The name is too small, and grey/blue numbers and name don't work, try white with a red outline. Other than that and the blue maple leafs, this is a really nice jersey.

Thanks. I'll have the update up soon.

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The sleeve stripes don't match the hem stripes, and why are there three white stripes on the front of the hem but only one on the back? I'll also echo what Zeus said and say those maple leaves need to be red. Blue leaves are mainly Toronto's thing. You have a neat idea here, but it needs more cleaning up.

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Looking back, there are some little things that I'm only now noticing (gotta love those notifications on the board now, reminding you where you commented). The design IS solid. I'm a big fan of Winnipeg's look, and this one really fits in while 1) being different, 2) not being a 1980-96 Jets throwback/fauxback/homage, 3) isn't an RCAF 40s throwback/fauxback/homage. That's impressive. It's a good looking design, it's different, but it's not too different, and the look would fit with the team well. The silver and white might blend a bit with the thin stripes, but I think that could be a good thing.


Let me give you a little more constructive feedback. I kinda did a drive-by commenting last time and this deserves better. So:


the light blue pants will never work. I know bright pants are starting to happen more often, but if you put those light blue pants with the light blue tops of the socks, it'll look like a bright blue leotard in the worst way. Stick with the navy blue pants. Maybe shrink the thickness of those stripes on the pants.


the light blue edges on the very ends of the sleeves and the bottom of the jersey need to go. They're just distractions. The ones on the sleeves would tuck under gloves, but the one on the hemline won't. 


Your outline on the numbers can be thicker and should be thicker. That red pops and adds some great contrast (and matches the logos to boot), so give it the thickness it needs to show up. Make sure you get that outline on the sleeve numbers. Those sleeve numbers can be a bit bigger, too.


Move the shoulder patches further away from the collar, into the curved area. As a rule of thumb, I try to line halfway-through the logo with the stitching coming up from the sleeve.


You need the NHL shield on the collar. I'd consider a silver or white thin stripe on the collar to brighten that up, but I could be wrong on that.


Make sure your stripes on the socks match the stripes on the jersey. They're much thinner on the socks than they are on the jersey.



So yeah, it's all clean-up work, and it's little stuff. The design is solid, and the idea is good, so you're better off than most. Stick with it and perfect it. And welcome!

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