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Falcons 2017 design


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Hey! just a random idea i had... people have probably had plenty of interpretations of the Falcons especially recently with the new 2017 stadium / possible new designs / etc, but i wanted to throw my hat in the ring


Updated the logo slightly to streamline the outlining a bit, simple white keyline around the grey area now instead of vice versa


Trying to update the wordmark a bit, kind of just a throwaway idea here, i could take it or leave it myself




New custom font, trying to add a bit of "speed" to the uniform with some pointed edges and italicized feel. still trying to keep it simple, though. i feel like nike would do something in this general area. the white numbers on black with red trim is simply inspired by throwbacks





Home uniforms, more throwback references with the red helmets. i know the fans here like the black jersey / red helmet throwback for a fact, and the league could stand to get rid of a black helmet, so many teams have it. white pants as the primary option, but grey pants like the early 2000s return, albeit a darker grey.




white pants also the primary option for road, but black pants come in to play as well




Red jerseys with black pants as an alternate, red all red color rush and "alternate" helmet decals. the helmet uses a short pointy stripe but keeps it pretty simple overall. 





Using an old Bucco template here i think lol. slightly modified but good work Buc it's stood the test of time. Let me know what you guys think

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Glad to see you posting a concept elliot! You have always been one of my favorite artists around here.


I'll give you some critique.


I like the logo and word mark update! The number font looks pretty good too, I agree that I could see Nike doing something similar.


The jerseys are really nice, I'm not crazy about the helmet stripe, I feel like it clashes a little bit with the rest of the set, that being said I'm not so sure a two toned stripe would work very well on the helmet with how it is laid out on the uniforms. I think I'd like the pants stripe better if the thicker stripe was cut off similar to the smaller stripe, maybe have them the same length going up until the point you put the logo on the hip. Just an idea. Everything else is great though.


Great concept though, hope to see more from you!

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