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Final Four Concepts


Final Four  

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With the Final Four this weekend I'm sure these will become common, but I will give it my shot.

Oklahoma vs Villanova

Simple designs based off current uniforms. Sooners in white and 'Nova in blue.


UNC vs Syracuse

UNC is simple with argyle on sides. Syracuse uses the 44 to rememeber Jim Brown, so kinda a combination of past unis and current unis.


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Alright here's my two cents.


We share the same name, so that's a win in my books. I would love to see these designs progress to the next level.


Hand drawn designs are hard for some, easy for others. Look at @Morgo. His NHL series' have been much appreciated and I enjoy them quite a bit myself. Here's some tips.


1) take your time. Go slow. Make sure every line is crisp and clean.

2) make sure we can see the design. It's not a high image quality. Scanning it would be much better.

3) use black marker or pens for outlining the template and writing down any other thing that'll go on the page. Pencil crayons are too light and blend badly with the design.


Now, if you have access to a computer, use it. That's where the best designs are made and finalized. I'm not saying hand drawn is bad, it's actually impressive, but computers will make things look better in the final stages. If you need templates, logos, tutorials, shoot me a PM and we'll talk. Hope this helps.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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