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NFL Draft Hat History?


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Just curious - does anyone know when the NFL began officially issuing it's draft picks team hats?  If so, I think it'd be awesome for them to be catalogued either here or elsewhere.  Fashion hats and team merchandise on the whole can be kind of a slippery slope, but the draft hats feel more official than some of the rest.  


1989 - Barry Sanders - Looks like a mesh back with embroidered front script.  




1990 - Jeff George, Junior Seau, Blair Thomas - Green underbills (I feel like that's a traditional feature, but am uncertain), and embroidered script is basically the same as Sanders in the above picture.




1993 - Drew Bledsoe - White border on bill and team logo seems more prominently displayed. 




1998 - Peyton Manning - can't tell much about detail but maybe wool?  Looks cheap/wrong size.




1998 - Charles Woodson - same year as Manning, but cap has a different shape behind it and the bill looks to have a design as well.







From what I can see it looks like they may have started in 1989.  If anyone has any evidence of older official team hats being worn on draft day, that'd be awesome.  Better pictures of the hats themselves from the older years are hard to find.

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Well the Jaguars tweeted out this year's hat design




Not a huge fan...


I think the gray bill and "liquid chrome" logo are unnecessary. The undervisor pattern isn't terrible, but I have to think something more team/city specific would have been cooler. 

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Looks like the same logos as last year.





As you can see, last year they did do something more city specific: skylines.


127e97ba198c052ad0a07c114fa431f8.jpg  thumb.aspx_.jpeg  skitch.0.0.png



All well and good, except that New Era used Miami's skyline for the Jaguars.




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For the love of God, Archie Manning never turns down the opportunity to get his face in every picture and photo op, doesn't he? That picture was promptly followed with him flailing his arms and yelling "PEYTON IS MY SON! THIS KID RIGHT HERE WHO WAS JUST DRAFTED 1ST OVERALL IS MY CHILD. DID YOU GUYS KNOW THAT?!

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1 minute ago, OnWis97 said:

NBA draft hat history probably follows a similar trajectory.  Late 80s / early 90s scripts, then some logos, and now some more inventive designs.


Ugh.  I want a visual history of all major leagues draft hats now.

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1 hour ago, OnWis97 said:

NBA draft hat history probably follows a similar trajectory.  Late 80s / early 90s scripts, then some logos, and now some more inventive designs.


The iconic script hat was a proprietary style sold by Sports Specialties (later acquired by nike) which did not change one bit for 10-15 years. It was basically the default fan hat for nfl/nba/nhl. All were adjustable and available in wool, cotton twill, trucker mesh, and my favorite...corduroy. 1st generation was team colors but they started to branch out and tweak the designs/colors in the early 90's.

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Here's a few from the 1999-early 2000's... seems like teams with Adidas uniforms (Redskins, Chargers for example) had different draft hats than the majority of the league, until Reebok took over the entire league in 2002.



1999 (hard to see... I had a Redskins version of this hat, I loved it.  So even though the Skins were an Adidas team at the time, I guess they still at least made sideline/draft caps for them that the majority of the league would also use.  But as you'll see below, Adidas teams appeared to use different hats for draft day)










Redskins (I assume this is made by Adidas but can't see their logo)











Chargers (Adidas hat)
















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26 minutes ago, aawagner011 said:

I had the same hat Peyton is wearing but in the Falcons model. Used the wear the heck out of it. Can't recall which manufacturer that is now. You can see their mark on the side but it has slipped my memory.


Logo Athletic... I also remember they used to make jerseys for some teams in the league. 



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On Thursday, March 31, 2016 at 11:14 PM, phutmasterflex said:

Was this generic cap in place because an official logo had not been officially unveiled yet?


I think that might have been the case. I do remember ESPN used a placeholder logo for the Ravens. So basically, because the rebranding process took place quicker than usual, the real logos and uniforms wouldn't be ready until early summer or so.

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