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What if NCAA March Madness worked like the UEFA Champions League

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It is Final Four time, and I wonder how weird the tournament would be with a UCL style format as an event.

The event is split into various rounds, with Rounds Q1/Q2 at campus sites; Playoffs at Dayton and Oakland; Groups at Miami, Brooklyn, Anaheim, Indianapolis, Detroit, New York, Portland, and San Antonio; Sweet 16 in Cleveland and Phoenix; Elite 8 in Chicago; and the Final Four in Houston

24 Teams Qualify for the Group Stage(12 Champions and 12 At-Larges) Top 8 Conferences have their champions put into Pot A, and the other 16 are split into pots with the 8 Playoff winners-Teams are split into Champions and League Routes in Q1, Q2 and the Playoff Round


Auto Qualifiers for GS

Pot A:(B12)Kansas,(P12)Oregon,(ACC)UNC,(BE)Seton Hall,(B10)Michigan State,(SEC)Kentucky,(A-10)Saint Joseph's,(AAC)UConn

Unseeded+At Large:(CAA)UNC Wilmington,(MAC)Buffalo,(Sum)South Dakota St.,(MWC)Fresno State; Virginia, Villanova, Xavier, Oklahoma, West Virginia, Miami, Texas, Texas A&M, Duke, Cal, Iowa State, Indiana


This post will go up to the Playoff Rounds


Qualifying Round 1-Champions-champions of the 8 weakest conferences by BPI(CBS source)/League-16 lowest seeded at larges|Campus Sites

Champions-Hampton 63-58 Southern---UNC-Asheville 58-62 Weber State---Fairleigh Dickenson76-78 Cal State Bakersfield---Florida Gulf Coast 64-94 Stephen F. Austin


League-Temple 67-66 Wichita State---Texas Tech 77-74 Virginia Commonwealth---Providence 79-69 Maryland---Butler 54-70 Oregon State

Tulsa 63-90 Pittsburgh---Michigan 76-74 Colorado---Vanderbilt 62-64 Syracuse---Cincinatti 60-76 Southern California


Qualifying Round 2-Remaining Champions are split into Upper 8 and Lower 8 by BPI, QR1 League winners face teams entering in this round|Campus Sites

Champions-Weber State 76-69 AK Little Rock---Stephen F Austin 72-73 Green Bay---Holy Cross 50-79 Yale---Middle Tennessee 69-71 Chattanooga

Stony Brook 65-83 Gonzaga---Austin Peay 53-75 Hawaii---Hampton 66-83 Northern Iowa---Cal State Bakersfield 70-74 Iona

League-Temple 87-71 Texas---Providence 79-76 Arizona---Oregon State 87-68 Dayton---Michigan 83-67 Notre Dame---Syracuse 71-70 Purdue

Pittsburgh 80-62 Wisconsin---Texas Tech 80-61 Iowa---Southern California 73-67 Baylor


Champions Playoff Round-UD Arena|Dayton, Ohio-Winners Advance to Group Stage

Iona 67 Gonzaga 79

Northern Iowa 78 Hawaii 67

Chattanooga 72 Weber State 57

Yale 77 Green Bay 57

League Playoff Round-Oracle Arena|Oakland, California-Winners Advance to Group Stage

Oregon State 82 Michigan 70

Pittsburgh 75 Providence 76

Syracuse 71 Temple 74

Southern California 77 Texas Tech 76


Teams Advancing(WCC) Gonzaga, (MVC) Northern Iowa, (SoCon) Chattanooga, (Ivy)Yale, Oregon St. Providence, Temple, USC


Group Stage Coming Soon

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So the Group Stage, Teams are split into 4 pots of 8 to make 8 groups

Pot A-Champions of the Top 8 confrences-UNC,KU,UK,Oregon,Seton Hall,Mich St, St Joes, UConn

Pot B-UVA,Nova,Xaiver,Oklahoma,WVU,Miami,Utah,TxA&M

Pot C-Duke,Cal,ISU,Indiana,Providence,Oregon St, USC, Temple

Pot D UNC Wilmington,Buffalo,SDSU,Fresno St.,Green Bay,UNI,Yale,Gonzaga


Top 2 Advance-Winners in Italics-Each group in One City

Group 1-Miami, FL-American Airlines Arena

North Carolina 3-0

Villanova 2-1

Iowa State 1-2



Group 2-New York City-MSG

Connectiut 1-2

Oklahoma 2-1 +9

Oregon State 2-1 +14

UNC Wilmington 1-2


Group 3-Indianapolis-Bakers Life Fieldhouse

Kansas 3-0

Miami 2-1

Providence 1-2

Buffalo 0-3


Group 4-Brooklyn, NY-Barclays Center

Seton Hall 0-3

West Virginia 3-0

Duke 2-1

Green Bay 1-2


Group 5-Detroit, MI-Palace of Auburn Hills

Michigan St 3-0

Xaivier 2-1

Southern California 1-2

Fresno State 0-3


Group 6-San Antonio, TX-AT&T Center

Kentucky 2-1

Utah 3-0

Temple 1-2

South Dakota State 0-3


Group 7-Anaheim, CA-Honda Center

Saint Josephs 1-2

Virginia 2-1 +3

California 2-1 +10

Northern Iowa 1-2


Group 8-Portland, OR-Moda Center

Oregon 2-1

Texas A&M 3-0

Indiana 1-2

Yale 0-3

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Sweet 16 to Championship-Final post of the series, unless someone comments(all rounds were randomly paired)


Sweet 16|Group Winners vs Runner-Ups-Phoenix/Cleveland

Phoenix, AZ Talking Stick Resort Arena-Winners of Portland/Miami/Anaheim/San Antonio

Texas A&M(SEC-8A)  76-65 Oklahoma(Big12-2B)

California(Pac12-7A) 78-62 Xaiver(BigEast-5B)

North Carolina(ACC-1A) 72-70 Oregon(Pac12-8B)

Utah(Pac12-6A) 73-60 Virginia(ACC-7B)

Cleveland, OH Quicken Loans Arena-Winners of NYC/Brooklyn/Detroit/Indianapolis

Michigan St.(BigTen-5A) 85-86 Villanova(BigEast-1B)

West Virginia (Big12-4A) 59-72 Kentucky(SEC-6B)

Oregon State (Pac12-2A) 58-73 Miami(FL)(ACC-3B)

Kansas (Big12-3A) 92-74 Duke(ACC-4B)


Elite 8|Chicago, IL-United Center

Southeastern-Kentucky 59-70 Kansas-Big 12

Big East-Villanova 92-74 Texas A&M-Big 12

Atlantic Coast-Miami(FL) 82-77 Utah-Pacific 12

Pacific 12-California 60-80 North Carolina-Atlantic Coast


Final Four and National Championship |NRG Stadium-Houston, Texas

National Semifinals

Villanova(BE) 62-71 Kansas(B12)

Miami(ACC) 63-83 North Carolina(ACC)

National Final

Kansas Jayhawks defeat North Carolina Tarheels 78-69

Kansas wins Title

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