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Frozen Four Poster


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G'day everyone. With the Frozen Four quickly approaching I thought it would be cool to make a poster for it. The Frozen Four is over shadowed by the Final Four so I decided to give my favourite sport at the Collegiate level some love. Enjoy!


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Two things about the poster itself.


First of all, the background should be a hockey rink or a picture of the arena. Something other than the logo, because it gets lost in this configuration. Have the Frozen Four logo on the upper center or something.


Second, I'd put Thatcher Demko, the goalie for BC, as the player to use for them. He's a second-round pick in the draft, and widely seen as one of the top 3 or 4 goalies in the NCAA. He's the true star of the team, to my knowledge.


On another note, as a UMass Lowell alumnus, they picked the worst possible time to lay a stinker, in the second round against Quinnipiac...

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Ok so thank you all for the constructive criticism! I updated the poster with the rink and logo. I added drop shadows. I actually picked Ryan Fitzgerald the leading scorer of BC but I never thought of Demko, thats a great idea though! and I really thought UMass Lowell would go far but they got a bad draw playing the Bobcats. 


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