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4 Team Mashup

Stony Rice

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Hey all. . New guy here. 


I recently saw a decal on a truck for a Boston fan and it had all four of the Boston teams incorporated into one logo. 


I have wanted to get a tattoo of my favorite team logos but have never found something that would put all 4 together and still look good. 


I am trying to attach this picture I took but it doesn't seem to want to attach. Is there a size limit to uploads? 

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There. I just cropped it and got it under a megabyte. 


Does anybody know where I would be able to get something like this?  My Google search brought me here. I see its all Boston but my team vary. 


I am looking for a Dodgers Lakers Cardinals Avalanche. 


Anyways ideas? 

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I agree with Cujo, they are all pretty contrived and forced looking. 

However the formula that seems to work for these mashups is people/animals only work with frankenstein forms. (Boston that you posted, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Pittsburgh) Otherwise animals look forced in like the mane on Cujo's which hurts the design compared to the Denver in the above post. In that regard I also really like KC and Indianapolis.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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