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April Fools Stories


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As I was reading the article, someone behind me said " OMG Ohip State's changing their colors!"


I had to remind her what day it was, which apparently saved her from sending what would've been an embarrassing text to her OSU friend.

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Today's Hottest Headlines...


- Vince McMahon has agreed in principle to sell WWE to The Walt Disney Company for $2.5 billion in cash.


- The Carolina Hurricanes have requested permission from the NHL Board of Governors to move to Arendelle.


- Kylo Ren performs a hostile takeover to usurp the Washington Redskins from Dan Snyder. A contest to select a new name for the embattled franchise includes such gems as Hogs, Shamans, Weasels, Wookiees, Presidents, Governors, Warriors, and even Warlocks.


Non-Sports headlines...


- Warner Bros lures George Lucas out of retirement to produce a Special Edition of Batman vs Superman.


- Donald Trump selects Kanye West as his running mate.

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Me, too.  That's a great design.


My favorites so far are NYCFC, who announced a new "In-Net" premium seating section:




And Minnesota United's reddit page, which was overhauled this morning with a new logo:



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7 hours ago, wyopokes2 said:

Similar Turf article for Oregon. Plan on installing an LED field to display ads. Actually wouldn't be surprised to see this technology someday in the future.







That actually seems pretty cool once you get past actually playing on it.

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