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Hello fellow board members!


Recently, the NHL unveiled the event plans for next season. I decided to mock up a few designs for the outdoor games next season.













I'm happy do future events, whether it's for this year or ones to come. Feel free to suggest any games/matchups.

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Everything here is really beautiful except for the St. Louis sweater. I realize the history of red being in the color scheme, but I really doubt it would apply to the Winter Classic unis. Honestly if you swap the navy with royal and then the red with navy, I think you have a fine looking set.


I love your work with the two Pennsylvania teams; those chest stripes look spectacular. Philly especially looks good. 


Also, that Centennial Classic logo is gorgeous. I love the Maple Leaf logos used to look like falling leaves. 

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Winter Classic: Great designs, but the Blues have their name for a reason, Switch the red to a lighter blue, incorporate the St. Louis Arch into the event logo, and it's a perfect picture.


Stadium Series: No complaints here. I would like to know what the logo on Pittsburgh's shoulder is, though.


Centennial Classic: Only jersey complaint is that Toronto's jersey looks too much like their other one. It's a solid concept, regardless. I really like the inclusion of the Leafs' logo history and CN Tower in the event logo, even if it is based off of this year's Winter Classic.

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