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Nordic Premier League - Fictional league´s history


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New to this website and it´s my first time posting. I´ve seen your fictional leages and read their history and I absolutely love it, so I decided to make a league myself.
A few things I want to point out before I start:
-The results each season will randomized using excel. The story will be made accordingly.
-I´m going to use low quality templates to begin with and as the story progresses I will swith to better ones to make it look more modern.
-When it comes to designs, it will be pretty boring to begin with. My goal is to "simulate" through the early years pretty fast to where the jerseys start to look more interesting.
-I have an initial plan of what´s going to happen but suggestions and c&c are much appreciated.

Halfway through the season the representatives of the swedish and norwegian soccer leagues sat down to discuss how they can improve the quality of their leagues. Both leagues were uneven with a few teams dominating and not many people were interested in watching the games. They soon got to the topic of which of the two leagues is the best. Cocky as Stockholm people are, they claimed that their top team could beat any nordic team anytime. This led the representatives to the idea of a tournament. They reached out the representatives of the other three scandinavian soccer leagues and told them to bring one team to represent their country. Instead of a small tournament, they decided to make it into a small League with every team facing each other both at home and away. The competiotion would take place next season. They called it "The battle of the Nordic".
These were the teams chosen to represent their country. These teams were all top teams in their own leagues and the fact that they were all located in the capital was also a reason why they were chosen since the games were going to be played in the capital of each country.570239d1284bd_Kartalag1.thumb.jpg.ae08c1

1920/1921 - Results

1.Íþróttafélagið Reykjavík
2.FK Oslo
3.København FC
4.FC Helsinki
5.FC Stockholm

Surprisingly, Reykjavík manages to end up on top. Beforehand, they were seen as underdogs since no one really knew much about Icelandic soccer. Stockholm, which was one of the favourites beforehand, ended up last which was both surprising and a bit embarrasing for them since they had been so confident beforehand.

This unusual competition was a huge success with a lot of people coming to watch the games. The teams and players also enjoyed a different challenge. The representatives from each country were very happy with the results and decided to form a new league; The Nordic Premier League. This was now going to be an annual competition.

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In order to further promote the new league, the board decided to create a logo for the league which they used to advertise in all the major newspapers around the Nordic countries. The advertising went well and the interest for the second season grew even higher.
New for the 1921/1922 season:
København FC and FK Oslo both got away jerseys. København´s away jersey featured cuffs in a different color which few people had seen before. It got good feedback as people liked the innovation.

1921/1922 - Results

1.FC Helsinki
2.Íþróttafélagið Reykjavík
3.København FC
4.FC Stockholm
5.FK Oslo

This season Reykjavík showed their class by being one of the top contenders for the title once again. Some people thought history was going to repeat itself but Helsinki managed claim the title after a strong ending of the season, winning most games. 

The second season had gone well and both players and fans were happy with how things were. The league was still in it´s early stages but kept growing consistently.

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New for the 1922/1923 season:
The defending champions Helsinki followed København and changed color on their cuffs. They also added a blue collar to make their jerseys look not so plain.
On board orders, all teams added a flag on their left sleeve to show where they come from.

1922/1923 - Results

1.FC Helsinki
2.Íþróttafélagið Reykjavík
3.København FC
4.FK Oslo
5.FC Stockholm

After a season where there weren´t many points between the teams, Helsinki Manages to defend the League title. The final league table looked almost identical to the previous year´s table with Helsinki and Reykjavík still impressing, København in the middle of the table not doing too bad nor too well and Oslo and Stockholm in the bottom.

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New for the 1923/1924 season:
Stockholm added their crest on their jerseys and it got recieved very well by the fans. Fans from the other countries got impressed as that wasn´t a thing in their country yet.
Oslo followed the trend and changed color on their cuffs.

1923/1924 - Results

1.FK Oslo
2.Íþróttafélagið Reykjavík
3.FC Stockholm
4.København FC
5.FC Helsinki

After getting a few new players to the squad, Oslo manages to step up their game and win their first title. The defending champions Helsinki really dissapointed and ended up last while Stockholm showed that they had talent and aren´t to be ignored in the upcoming fights for the title. Reykjavík impressed with their consistency with another respectable second place. They had yet to end up worse than second place, someting that no other team had managed to do.

With the increasing popularity of the Nordic Premier League with more and more fans coming to Watch the games rather than the domestic league games, rumours started spreading about an expansion of the League. The fans liked this as they would have liked to see more teams from their country fight for the League title.

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1 hour ago, timberwolf said:

The storylines and such are good, I think we need some more info. Some results and scores would benefit that. A league cup with live scores would be something to consider...

Thanks for the feedback! Do you mean like a league table with points and goals scored etc?
Also, what do you mean by live scores?

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Live scores, like how gwansae did his WFA Championship. Day to day updates, like the BPL.


And a table with stats and scores would be nice. It would give us a look of who's dominant, who's terrible, and who's on the come up. It also looks better.

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13 minutes ago, timberwolf said:

Live scores, like how gwansae did his WFA Championship. Day to day updates, like the BPL.


And a table with stats and scores would be nice. It would give us a look of who's dominant, who's terrible, and who's on the come up. It also looks better.

Do you have a link? Can´t seem to find it
I still want the scores to be randomized, gonna see if I can make that happen. Either way i´m probably going to implement a league table with more stats like you suggested. Thanks!

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I have now created an Excel file that simulates every game. The scores then automatically fills up the league table with points, goals scored etc. If two teams have the same amount of points they automatically get sorted after goal difference. They also get sorted after goals scored if that is needed. All this with the push of a single button. Pretty fancy stuff I must say.^_^

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New for the 1924/1925 season:
Stockholms idea of adding their logo on their jersey was an immediate hit and before the start of the 1924/1925 season Reykjavík and København FC had aslo added their logos o their jerseys.

1924/1925 - Results
Top scorer: Rúnar Norðdahl, Reykjavík, 11 Goals

After finishing in second place for the last three years, Reykjavík manages to claim their second Nordic Premier League title. Even though only three points seperated them from København, Reykjavík scored the most goals and conceded the fewest while playing beautiful soccer. A well earned league title. After a bit of a struggle for København last season they now got a second place, showing they also have the quality to fight for the title. Stockholm who placed third, only one pont behind København, played well and convinced people that they, just like København. were on the come up. Oslo "did a Helsinki" and ended up last the season after their league title. Poor individual perfomances and propably a bit too much pressure on the young squad led to only 1W.

With three different winners in the last 5 years, the Nordic Premier League showed, unlike the other domestic leagues, that their league was even and unpredictable. Not only did it start to grow more popular than the other leagues, but it also started attract other teams. The board decided that it was time to expand the league. They reached out to see which teams were interested and available. A few teams from Finland and Sweden were interested, as the top teams the seeked for a challenge. A few norwegian teams showed a littel bit of interest. In Denmark no one applied as they still weren´t sure if the Nordic Premier League was going keep it´s popularity. No Icelandic teams applied because the didn´t think their teams were strong enough at this point, despite Reykjavík´s success.  

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1925 - Expansion

In the summer of 1925 it got official that the Nordic Premier League was going to have it´s very first expansion. The board wanted the very best teams in order to keep the quality of the league high. Teams that were located in major cities was was a plus as it would attract more interest to the games. With these criteria the board announced the following teams; Göteborgs IF and Malmö IK, both from Sweden. Some people raised their eyebrows over this as there would now be three Swedish teams and only team from the other countries but the board assured that this wasn´t going to be the case for very long. The board had been in talk with a few other teams and their current league but hand´t been able to come to a solution.
Göteborg would play in dark red and white colors. Noticalbe here is the stripes on socks which wasn´t very common at the time.
Malmö would play in green and White colors. They would be the first team in the league to wear a striped jersey.
New for the 1925/1926 season:
Helsinki got a logo to their jersey aswell.

1925/1926 - Results
Top scorer: Magnus Jensen, København, 22 goals

Before the start of the season, it seemed like København and Stockholm were on the come up. København showed more than that and with their solid defending(fewest in the league) and striker, Magnus Jensen who scored a record high of 22 goals(!), they managed to get their hands on their very first Nordic Premier League title. Stockholm on the other hand stood for nothing but a mediocre season and ended up last. The first season for the two new teams was nothing to complain about. Göteborg ended up in 4th Place, just one point behind Malmö, who got an impressive 2nd place.

The expansion had been a good addition to league. More games to be played and more points to be won was a step in the right direction. Another expansion was to be expected, the question was when and what teams.

Edit: I messed up the Points system a Little bit, giving one team more points.. fixed it but had to redo the results so the look a Little bit different now


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The main topic before the new season was if any changes were going to be made regarding the league. The discussions ended in the late summer when the board announced that the League will remain the same for at least another year.
New for the 1926/1927 season:
The board had been wanting Reykjavík to change their away kit for a while since they thought the jersey looked "too simple" and and the shorts and socks being to similar to Stockholm´s. The club finally gave in and switched to white socks with a little bit of blue. The similarity with Stockholm´s kit decreased but the jersey reamained the same.

1926/1927 - Results
Top scorer: Rúnar Norðdahl, Reykjavík, 23 Goals

The season ended being one of the most exciting and even season so far. Only one point seperated the teams from each other, except for Oslo. The race for the title went on to the very end with København ending up on top, winning a back to back title. After a few years of jumping between the middle of the table and the end, Sockholm managed to claim the 2nd place, a club best. Malmö who had a good first year couldnt deliver the same performance in their second season and placed 6th. Worth noting this season was Rúnar Norðdahl´s reacord high 23 goals, beating the old record by one goal.

With a season this even, where a single game could change the whole outcome of the league, the popularity of the league grew even more. The amount of discussions about another expansion grew rapidly. The fans wanted a bigger league table, making it look more like a regular soccer league and also more teams to represent their countries and to cheer for.

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In the early summer of 1927 the board had an announcement to make; "We are very happy to finally announce that the Nordic Premier League will get expanded with another two teams. The teams that will join us are FC Espoo, from Finland and Bergen FK, from Norway. We are very happy to have these to teams in our organisation and we wish them the best of luck in their new league." Fans from all over the Nordic got excited as some of their countries now had two teams in the league, but also because they were pretty sure that this wouldn´t be the last expansion.
Bergen would play in red and White. Their logo and kit was very simple yet stylish.
Espoo would would play in blue and yellow with a thick line over their chest. The kit was pretty simple overall.

1927/1928 - Results
Top scorer: Alfred Karlsson, 20
It was a though fight for the league title between the top two teams. The rest of the league were quite a bit behind but the fight for the 3rd place was even that three teams had to get seperated by goal difference. Malmö won a bit suprisingly, but also impressively as it was only their third season in the league. One of the new teams, Bergen, did an alright season, ending up in the 5th place, very close to the third place. The other new team, Espoo, didn´t impress and ended up way behind all the other teams. One team that suprised a lot of people was Reykjavík, and not in a good way. Before this season, they had been the most consistent team, placing no worse than 3rd. Even though they only were four points away from 3rd place, they didn´t play as good soccer as they had done the for the last couple of years.

With four new teams in three seasons and an ever growing poularity, some thought the Nordic Premier League was on it´s on becoming "the major league" in the Nordic.

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