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NPSL | Buxmont Torch FC Rebrand | Rip-off or not?

Go Red Sox!

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Here is my rebranded Buxmont Torch FC, an NPSL team located in Bucks County, southeastern Pennsylvania. Very simple design, focusing on the substance.

I simplified the color scheme, so yellow is history. As far as I know, they (still) wear orange/white uniforms, so a third color (yellow) seemed superfluous to me.


The current logo looks like that: http://www.sportslogos.net/logos/view/trd7nojnfiubb2uyczekowg25/Buxmont_Torch_FC/2011/Primary_Logo


















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19 hours ago, BigRed618 said:

The "FC" seems unnecessary, but otherwise great job.


Thanks a lot, BigRed. 


I think I had to place the "FC" somewhere, since the team's name is "Buxford Torch FC". I guess as long as a soccer team name includes an "SC" or "FC", the abbreviation needs to appear in the mark – correct me if I'm wrong because that's quite possible. I didn't want to use "FOOTBALL CLUB", so I decided to place "FC" right there.




@NoE38: Thanks a lot!

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Interesting to see what the creative people of Buxmont Torch FC came up with:


Their latest "Torch Sports Ministry" mark was updated on the club's Facebook page on June 1st, 2016. My logo was uploaded here two months earlier on April 4th, 2016.


I'm still not sure whether their latest creation is supposed to be their new primary mark or not. I'm definitely sure about the similarity though.





                                                        My logo                                                                                                        Their logo

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