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Got this idea from the game Life Is Strange and Blackwell Academy in the game.


I went with name Otters and not Bigfoots. I created a interlocking BA and shield logo. I was going to make a Otter logo similar to what is found on a poster of the swim team in the game. I thought it would have more of a prep school look with a script for the crests


Just playing around with different ideas and templates.


If any of you are gamers and havent played this game there is spoilers in this so I apologize ahead of time. 

Blackwell Otters.png

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I've never heard of the video game so I can't comment as to how well the concept fits into that. That said, I think you missed an opportunity to create an otter logo. I would understand the decision to go with the script and shield logos more if the team nickname was more of an abstract concept, but with Otters, there's some fun to be had there. I also don't get the significance of the striping pattern along the sleeves and the hem, and there are inconsistencies between the front logos and the numbers on the back — specifically the red outline between the white and the black — that could be rectified to bring everything together better. 

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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