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2016 MLB Jersey Concepts: American League


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Here are my American League concepts for this year. If you haven't seen the National League concepts yet be sure to go back and check 'em out. As with the NL concepts, I have essentially taken the current jerseys that the teams have now and made certain re-designs or adjustments that I think should be made. The template is the Wikipedia template, because I find that despite how flat that template is, it's the easiest to work with and re-color. The only thing I don't like is that there are no back views of the jerseys, but I may still redo all of these on a better template eventually.


Each team is presented with the home and road jerseys, or any alternates and throwbacks worn in separate locations shown in both home and road formats. If a jersey is worn both at home and on the road it simply just has the pants split in color with the home white represented on the left side and the road grey on the right. Also in some cases where undershirts or stirrups are different colors at home or on the road, they are shown in those colors on the same sides too. In a few cases where a team wears an alternate hat in both places, the hat is placed in the middle of the two regular jerseys.


As for the BP jerseys, they are only shown in the split format, as I feel that there is no need to wear different BP jerseys at home or on the road. Also, the design of the BP's is the pullover design from 2007-10, with the team's main color making up the body of the jersey and their secondary color under the armpits and down the sides. The reason for this is that I feel it is just a much simpler and better looking design than the crazy ones they have now. For the BP jersey logos, I have just the team's hat logo on the left breast, very reminiscent of the 80's and 90's BP jersey styles. The BP hats however are based off of the current design, and all are made to be a two-tone look with the bills being a different color than the crown.


The descriptions for each team, in alphabetical order are as follows. The pictures of the jerseys are after that.


Baltimore Orioles: The O's have a good clean, traditional looking design that hasn't changed that much over the years, but one that I felt was in need of some adjustments. First off, I've never been a fan of the cartoon bird hat logo. It just looks too childish and minor league to me. So I've replaced it with the more atomically correct bird logo. The overall home, road, and alternate jerseys are exactly the same otherwise. I've added a black road alternate jersey and included the early 80's jersey as a throwback, along with the mid 90's style as well. For BP, I simply used the "O's" logo on both the jersey and hat.


Boston Red Sox: The Red Sox jerseys for the most part can't get anymore classic and traditional looking if they tried, yet the choice of color is what seems to make these jerseys work. Again starting with the hats, I've never understood why a team called he RED Sox wears BLUE hats, so I've replaced them with a more appropriate solid red hat with a blue "B" logo. The stirrups are instead solid red socks and the hanging socks logo that appears on the road jersey sleeve is also on the home jersey. The red piping from the home jersey had been added to the road jersey, and the shoes are also red as well. For a throwback, I used the mid 70's pullover jerseys and for BP I made it red with the blue "B" logo. I did use a blue hat for BP, however I made the bill red to keep the standard two-tone look of the hats.


Chicago White Sox: The White Sox have another fairly traditional looking jersey that has remained pretty much the same over the past couple of decades. There wasn't much to do here except make the black socks that they wear for whatever strange reason white. (Again, another team that seems to be color blind.) The white sock logo in the black diamond that appears on the road and alternate jerseys has been added to the home jersey, and the throwback is pretty much the same mid 80's design that they wear now, however it has the more appropriate and authentic beltless, elastic waistband pants. The BP jersey is also pretty much the same but with silver side coloring and a silver bill to the hat.


Cleveland Indians: The Indians I've always thought have a great design that looks primarily traditional and yet a little bit modern. The home jersey I feel was way better back in the 90's with red piping, so I've returned that to it. The current road jerseys with the arched block lettering is a very classic look as well, but I've added blue piping to it to match the style of the home jersey. I've always been a supporter of the Chief Wahoo logo and find no reason to replace it, yet I also like the block letter "C" logo that they returned to a few years back and I think both logos work well, so I've left the home and road hats the same. The alternate home jersey is pretty much the same but has the white piping returned to it, and I've made an alternate version of the road jersey to match. For throwbacks I used the red mid 70's jersey as I've always loved the color and lettering of that design, and the late 80's "Major League" era jersey as well. For BP, I've returned Chief Wahoo to the front to resemble the BP jerseys worn in the late 80's and made a more early 80's style look to the hat. (Remember that the splits in colors of the BP jersey is to resemble the jersey being worn both at home and on the road.)


Detroit Tigers: There was absolutely nothing I felt that needed to be done to the Tigers due to how their jerseys have practically not changed at all in the course of their history, at least at home. While they may have a new "D" logo, I don't particularly care for it, so I left the old logo on the home jersey. The road jersey is 100% the same, while the BP jersey has the white "D" logo with orange sides.


Houston Astros: The Astros are a team like the Padres who have gone through many different looks and styles in their history, which leaves a lot to choose from if you're basing them off the past. Being the traditionalist that I am, I love how the Stros returned to their original style design from the 60's. The home and road jerseys are exactly the same, however I've designated the orange alternate hats for regular home use and the solid blue hats for the road. An orange alternate jersey that I created actually a year before the ones they have now is for home games, while a matching blue alternate is for the road. Who can't love the wild and crazy "Tequila Sunrise" jerseys from the 70's as a throwback, and the late 90's horizontal lettering jerseys are also included, as I've always been a fan of those short lived jerseys. The BP jersey is exactly the same but I've replaced the hat with the two-tone style that they currently wear on the road.


Kansas City Royals: The Royals have managed to keep a pretty traditional look going by changing very little, yet have managed to mix it up style-wise in colors and logos over the eras. Nothing needed to be done to the home and road jerseys, and the blue alternates are made to match. I've never like the use of powder blue in the Royals modern say color scheme, yet I think it's perfectly fine for back in the day so I included the mid 80's jerseys as throwbacks. The BP jersey however does utilize the powder blue in a subtle way with it on the sides hat bill.


Los Angeles Angels: The Angels have had some interesting choices for colors and logos to their jerseys throughout their history, and with the exception of the horrible late 90's Disney era jerseys, I've liked them all. That being said, the modern versions are pretty much OK but like many other current threads I felt needed some slight adjustments. The home jerseys are pretty much the same but the road jerseys are themed in blue in order to utilize both the red and blue eras in Angels jersey history. The red home alternate jersey has been adjusted with blue lettering and numbers as opposed to red in order to provide a better visible contrast. A blue road alternate has been added to match, and the throwback jersey is from the late 70'/early 80's era. BP is red with the "A" logo and has the appropriate matching undershirts, belts, stirrups and shoes for home and road use.


Minnesota Twins: The Twins have managed to keep a pretty good and classic look throughout their history, yet I really don't care for the versions they have now. The lack of pinstripes and gold trim on the current jerseys just doesn't appeal to me, so I've gone back to the previous pinstripe version hat home. The "TC" logo is on the home hats and the "M" logo is on the road, with both hats being solid blue. The matching blue alternates are pretty much the same, as well as the 60's throwback. Also I've added an early 80's throwback and made the BP jersey blue with the "M" logo and a two tone red and blue hat similar to the current road hat.


New York Yankees: I have left out the Yankees, as I feel they have absolutely nothing at all that needs to be done to their 100% traditional and classic look. (That and the fact that the Wikipedia template was different for them for some reason and I couldn't get it to work the same way as all the rest.


Oakland Athletics: The A's have had another plethora of styles and colors combinations to choose from, yet have managed to make their jerseys appear traditional and classic looking as well. The home and road jerseys are exactly the same, however the road hat is the same as the two-tone green and yellow home hat, as I just don't think the solid green looks as good. The alternate, throwback style jerseys they wear now are a great look, and I've added a white home version with green "A" logo. For a throwback I've included the early 70's era style jersey, a natural selection I think as far as the A's glory days go. The BP jersey is green with a yellow "A" logo, and has a white crowned hat with green bill that resembles the same type of hat from certain periods in the A's past. Finally, I've never understood why the A's have always worn white shoes, as I just don't think it's a good look, so I've made the shoes more a color appropriate green.


Seattle Mariners: The Mariners current jerseys are another good looking set that appears much better than some previous designs and color choices they've had in the past. Home and road are exactly the same, and I've added a two-tone teal and blue hat to go along with the alternate teal jersey. A blue alternate road jersey has been added and the blue and yellow throwback style jersey is exactly the same. For BP it is blue with the "S" logo and the hat also has the "S" logo, as I've just never been a fan of the compass logo.


Tampa Bay Rays: The Rays current design is way better in my opinion than the old Devil Rays design, and the only real changes I felt needed to be done is adjusting the color of the lettering on the blue alternate jerseys to a better contrasting powder blue. For BP, the "TB" logo is on both the jersey and hat, as I've never really liked the sunray logo by itself.


Texas Rangers: The Rangers I felt have had a great design for a while now, however have made some unnecessary changes in the recent past. Why they decided to put "Texas" on both the road and home jerseys just doesn't make sense, as I'm a firm believer that while all teams don't have to have their city or state name on the rod, ALL home jerseys should have the team name on them. That being said, I returned the "Rangers" lettering to the home jerseys and recolored the theme red, as well as adding matching piping to both the home and road jerseys. A red alternate home jerseys has been added as well, and the late 70's and mid 80's jerseys make up the throwbacks. For BP, the "T" logo with the Texas flag is on the jersey, and the undershirts, belts, stirrups and shoes match accordingly at home or on the road.


Toronto Blue Jays: I love how he Jays went back to their early 90's style jerseys a few years ago and I think there was absolutely nothing that needed to be done to them now, other than making the white paneled alternate hat the full time home hat and adding a blue alternate road jersey. Also the original early 80's jerseys are used as throwbacks and the BP jersey has the Blue Jay logo on it and the hat, as the maple leaf on the hat just doesn't make sense to me. I know they're from Canada, but having it as a hat logo and no other sign of a blue jay is very nondescript.


That's all for the American League. Again, I invite your comments, suggestions, and constructive criticism. Thanks for reading and I hope everyone enjoys my concepts of both leagues. 

1. Orioles.png

2. Red Sox.png

3. White Sox.png

4. Indians.png

5. Tigers.png

6. Astros.png

7. Royals.png

8. Angels.png

9. Twins.png

11. Athletics.png

12. Mariners.png

13. Rays.png

14. Rangers.png

15. Blue Jays.png

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Love the O's.  I also like the emphasis of red on the Red Sox and the emphasis of blue on the Angels. However, I would still have a blue cap for the Red Sox away. 

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