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High School Gymnasium Logo


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Hello all.


I'm in the process of updating a mark that's about 10 years old to fit with an updated palette.  As the title suggests, it's for a high school gymnasium and the work is being done pro bono (I should be paying them, probably).  The original was a photoshop file and I'm recreating it in illustrator.  The only real direction I have is to reduce the amount of "red" in the mark.  To make things interesting, the school's athletic colors are black & white.


The only adjustment I'm thinking of making at the current time is to reintroduce the "bevel" to the lettering -- perhaps on top of the gray shading.  Who knows?!


I'm a little underwhelmed with my progress as of this point, so, I figured I'd put it out there for some feedback/suggestions.  Any and all input is appreciated.




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The gradient on the building looks off because it's not gradual like the first.  I think a flat gray on the building is better. The dome is the focus but if the whole of the building is the HomerDome, I'd find a way to change the angle to include parts of it.  Either of the two outside shots would be good start points.  

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Honestly, I would start from scratch. The original logo doesn't give you much room for improvement, as it's just a bad logo. From the wordmark to the illustration, there's not a lot can be done, as it looks like a WWE wrestling logo right now. I would take it in a different direction. Some suggestions might be losing the gradient altogether, changing the font, and working with those giant strokes.

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-The one good thing I like about the original, which you kept, is the perspective because those letters gives the impression of a dome towering above, but at the same time the letters are too crammed and could use some more distance between them.

-I'd get rid of the gradients.

-Another issue is the outlines. I count 4-5 outlines on the dome itself and three on the words. I'd reduce them to make this cleaner, and I'd also make the widths of the outlines consistent.

-As far as bevels, I think it looks better without them. Sometimes bevels work but they also often look gimmicky and overdone.

-Lastly, the roof in the logo doesn't look like the same structure in the photos. The photos show a roof that looks like a half cylinder laid on its side whereas the logo looks more like a standard circular dome.


This looks like a fun project if you can address some of those issues that the original logo has.



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