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So my Alma mater, Elyria Catholic, uses a block EC as their main logo,but this panther logo has been used on awards that have been given to student -athletes.  I've always enjoyed the logo,but I felt it needed a little update. I used colored pencils on my version. I hoping for some C&C and I do plan on eventually getting a version on my computer because then it will be easier to do updates!! 


2016-04-11 14.56.46.jpg

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7 hours ago, llfhockey said:

its good, a couple things i would do though. move the front leg in a bit, and the face it a little strange i cant tell whats going on there. Maybe some whiskers get more detailed with the face,

The face didn't look weird to me until I posted it. I plan on doing an update soon, but it will have improvements!

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