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Mr. Snider Tribute Patch concept

After the sad passing of the legendary founder of the Philadelphia Flyers Ed Snider this morning the Flyers announced that they would were patches on their jerseys to honor Mr. Snider throughout the playoffs. My first thought was how would they do it. The most traditional thing teams doing when honoring someone like this is use their initials and since EMS also stands for Emergency Medical Services, that might be a little weird. So I came up with these 3 options. 1) his initials, 2) Mr. Snider (the name everyone called him despite Mr. Snider hating that name), 3) Ed (The name he asked everyone to call him instead of Mr. Snider, which they never did). I also have an example on a jersey. I have always been a fan of how baseball puts their patches over their heart so that's why I placed it there and yes I realize the captains C or A would get in the way. RIP Mr. Snider




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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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