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<h2>Project Info<h2>

This project was for an Alaskan High School, the Hutchison Hawks. They came to me with the request for an updated look for the Mascot and Identity. While working on this project we created their new Primary Mascot, Secondary Mascot and their WordMark. We Introduce to you the New Hutchison Hawks!






Feel free to check out the Higher Quality version, along with our previous work's on our website HERE.

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Everything about this set is flawless. It's so well presented and designed, one of the best projects I've seen recently.


It's so nice to see these highschools stepping up and updating their mascots. Kudos to them.

Great work :D 

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Very well done. Only nitpick would be that I find it a bit odd having the secondary hawk head facing the opposite direction as the primary. Everything is well rendered though, and those custom sticks are great. Was that just part of the presentation, or is the school actually planning on getting some?

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