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LLFHockey's Color Rush (5/18)


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Based off of the new NFL schedule, as well as my NFL Redesign.


So lets kick it off!


Week 2 New York Jets @ Buffalo Bills

Week 2.png


For the first matchup i really wanted that red buffalo on the side of the helmet, so I made this a red throwback and it turned out really well


the jets were already a mix up i kind of had, i just plopped the green pants on the home jersey. I did fix the sleaves a bit though because the color look weird when it was all green

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Week 3 Huston Texans @ New England Patriots



If you've seen my NFL Redesign you would know that the jersey is just there normal alternate. The only thing left to do for them was to add red pants


This one was difficult. When i saw the leak i knew they were trying to incorporate some Huston Oilers in the uniform. I couldnt seem to fit it in with my current jersey style i made for the Texans already

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14 minutes ago, BengalPumaOcelot said:

I really hope the color rush turns out this well.  On the Bills, you might want to switch the buffalo on the jersey, because right now you have one logo on the jersey, and a different one on the helmet.

i was thinking about that but the red logo on a red jersey isnt very good even with the outline

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Week 4 Dolphins @ Bengals



From the sheet it kind of looked like it was supposed to be a white uniform but im all against white in the color rush so i used black with a mix of my Bengals Alternate. No orange


All Orange just switched the light teal and orange and woops forgot to change the pants.... Next Update!

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I like where you're going with the Bengals here, but that white outline around the stripes on the helmet doesn't look that good, and I suggest using at least a little orange to make it pop a tad and so it matches a bit with the helmet.

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1 minute ago, hockeyny13 said:

for the bengals why not go all white uniform with orange as a secondary color. black just seems out of place for "color rush"

So does white im trying to eliminate white all together, so the only real color for the bengals is orange but the dolphins are orange

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Week 5 Arizona Cardinals @ San Fransisco 49ers



Just a simple gold red swap


it said yellow for the cardinals but gold vs yellow doesnt work. i did have copper already in the set so i made another black uniform no red in it

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