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Sacramento Kings 2016-17 (NEEDS AN UPDATE)


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So earlier this week, I began slowly working on a concept for the King's inevitable new look for next season. I was basing my colors off of a picture I saw them post earlier in April.


 16-17 maybe.jpg


What I took away from this was a use of both blue and purple, along with a use of silver instead of black. I liked the idea of keeping purple as a dominant color and having blue and silver added as much as I saw fit. I made a home and road jersey with the assumption that an alternate jersey would just be the same powder throwback.



Kings Home.pngKings Road.png


Now, this concept is obviously obsolete thanks to the new logo leak earlier. But I still thought it was worth sharing! Another update to come with the new logo and font. As always, comments and criticism is very encouraged! 

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