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College to Pro: Old Faces, New Places vol. 1 (free agency edition, basically)

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Sometimes, it's time to go.  You're shown the door, but there's someone out there in need of the particular set of skills you possess.  So without further ado...



Leading off with Matt Forte, who went from Chicago to the Jets.  Haven't done Jets mocks a million times, it just feels like it, it's just that given Tulane and the Jets are both predominantly green, the only thing I could do was make what would've been white light blue.  On the Jets side, I'd considered using kelly green as the third color...hell, I'd briefly floated the idea of dusting off the NY Titans' old gold.  Silver it was, though.  Since IIRC numbers haven't been decided on yet, the pro number is what was worn at their previous stops.



Next up, ex-Bronco and new Bear Danny hindsight, I should've gone with a lighter navy for the checkers on the Bears' sleeves, rather than darker.  It's kinda like that time I posted a White Sox jersey with silver pinstripes, you gotta squint, but they're there.



Bolting Cincinnati for Atlanta, Mohamed Sanu...honestly, this could easily have been a simple logo swap had I wanted it to be one.  The only saving grace here was that the designs weren't so similar I'd find myself unable to do very much.



Last but not least, the Broncos' former QB of the future, turned Texans passer of the present, Brock Osweiler...I opted for an older ASU design because the shoulder stripes of their Nike era set were too similar to the Texans.  This wound up meaning red helmets and pants for the Texans.


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