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School Logo design.


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Hey guys, I'm here just to post this logo design I made for my school. I would like some C&C for the design before I submit it. Cheers.

(made with PaintDOTNet)

LOGO 2.jpg

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57 minutes ago, Momentum Concepts said:

How did you make this with PDN? I could never make anything this good with that program.

Two ways I've done this is sketching and using photographs.


Sketching: just redraw the logo (for example) and add colour.


Photograph: Use your or an image online, for example this bulldog. and use the line tool and carve out the image and add custom details and so. 




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Looks good.


I'm having a bit of an issue with that sliver of silver just above his bottom jaw. Are those supposed to be teeth? I can't really tell, and it just seems sort of unnecessary to make the design work.


I think all of the spikes on his collar would look better if they all extended past the collar itself. The shape of the spiked collar would read more as a spiked collar by its silhouette that way. The way it is now, those spikes create an implied tangent with the edge of the collar.


That nose looks kind of awkward too. Even on an English Bulldog the nose protrudes slightly, even if the rest of the face is smushed in. I would have the shape of that nose extend past the heavy outline of the rest of his face, because right now it looks as though the nose was just cut off at that point.

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If the silver is supposed to be a tooth, I would maybe connect it to the jaw. It should also be pointy, generally when a bulldog has an overbite you will only be noticing the cuspids.


I would think about getting rid of the white outline spikes, they seem clunky.


Other than those, very cool design.  Do yourself one favor- sit and count how many different colors you have in the design (the wordmark is throwing me off).  When schools have stuff printed they are charged by the color (and black counts as a color).

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