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Sports Logo and Brand Identity for DaseDesigns


Hello everyone. We felt like including our own Logo Design and Brand Identity in this section. Before beginning our Graphic Design agency we had to choose and create our own Designs. We decided to focus on a Sports Logo design type of style to fit the type of clients we would like to attract, and because the style just looks awesome in general :) Here's our project that we created to showcase our design and a look behind the idea and process for our visual identity. We hope you guys enjoy the viewing and feel free to check out our actual logo and identity design in action on our website here: http://www.dasedesigns.com/




We hope everyone enjoyed the viewing! Feel free to check it out on our website here for Higher Quality Images and better Alignment :) http://www.dasedesigns.com/dase-designs-brand-identity-2/


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My thoughts: the sans serif of "Dase Designs" doesn't seem to go with the serif of the logo itself. Maybe put a serif on the D and tie them together, or use a more block font for DASE. Right now, it looks too much like a O, and it's a bit distracting.


The issues with the kerning in DASE have already been mentioned.


You emphasized the font "Spy Agency", but it's not used anywhere. Is it a portfolio piece, or a choice of font for somewhere in your identity?


You kind of go back and forth with straight angled corners and rounded ones, especially between the inner-most white shape/surrounding gray outline. If it's a design choice, I'd really make the differences distinct, otherwise it looks like an oversight, or lack of attention to detail.


Is your logo a double D for Dase Designs? Because of the how wide the stroke of the bowl of the D is, the second smaller D shape looks offset to the left of what would be the middle of the outer D, if that makes sense (I'm describing it better in my head than I can type it out).


Minimize the colors. Is gray necessary? Your logo stands out well in black and white (with that slight hint of gray) against the orange background. The extra orange outline might be overkill. Your a design firm, not a sports team. If you need that many colors to express your identity and vision, you may be overthinking it. 



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