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Bigmike's NFL Series 2016 (32/32) *MFL leaked logos


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EDIT: Decided to go with Option 1 for my template, I took the options down so it doesn't distract from the division postings anymore and because I wasn't ready to post the Bills yet anyways. 

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Of the options, I like 1 best for the aforementioned texturing reasons. But if I'm being honest, I don't think the original is really all that distracting. In scrolling back, there hasn't been any concept in the series where I felt the seams deterred from the design or distracted too much. So if it were to come down to it, I wouldn't be upset if the original stayed.


As for the designs themselves, awesome work!! I'm in love with the fauxbacks. Each one has been both sharp and fitting for each team. Love it!


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I agree that the lines were not that distracting to me. But if we are changing the template any I vote option one. That does look very nice, and as for the option on the helmet I like both and thats up to you big Mike. But not to take away from this as a design standpoint and not a template debate; these designs are remarkable and you have put time into each one. Great work and by far some of the best I've seen. Can't wait for my Rams!

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WOW! Everything about the Jags concept is a HUGE HUGE improvement on their current unis. The Alt uni might also work as a color wash uni. Just change the color on the socks.  How about some Jaguar spots on the sleeves of the undershirt? Just a thought. Love the use of the logo across the shoulders of the unused teal uni. This is my favorite concept of all of them so far.

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Thanks for all the kind words. I really never expected the template to spark debate, I understand the lines are a little thick but it just never took away from my overall designs in my eyes. Regardless, as I've said before I want to put the best product out there that I can, GIMP is not a program people normally design templates for, and in my experience I've always had to take a paint template and try to convert it to the best of my abilities. I think option 1 will work the best, I'm gonna have to re-apply it to all of my designs and go in and tweak it on some teams so this thread may be held up for awhile until I get around to fixing each team. In the meantime, I'd ask if anyone wants to comment to focus on the designs. Not trying to sound braggy but I am satisfied with a lot of the work I've done and feel like these are good enough designs to present to everyone so I'd rather hear input and critiques on the designs as opposed to the template. I was excited about hearing input on the Jags, especially the faxback because it is one of my personal favorites of the series, so it was a little disappointing to hear comments about the template instead of the design.


All of that being said, I am appreciative of the input on the template, like I said before, I'm trying to put the best product out that I can so I'm fine with tweaking things and I  take it all as constructive criticism. 

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Primary/Alternate Uniforms: For the Titans, I decided to go with a new direction as well. I really like their T-sword logo and I decided to build the entire concept around it. One of the reasons being, a lot of Titans concepts tend to use the fire from their "flaming T" logo and I wanted to stray away from that and come up with something else. I ended up using a roundel with The sword T inside it and the state flag stars appearing under it. The wordmark is updated to match the logo as well as the name and number fonts. The uniform keeps a shoulder yoke that is shaped like a sword now and the light blue color is emphasized as well as red being used as a trim color (similar to their Oilers days). The updated logo gave me the opportunity to give the Titans one of the most unique helmets in the league as well.


Home Uniform



Away Uniform



Alternate Uniform



Throwback Set: The Titans get a fauxback set as well, this one takes a lot of inspiration from the classic Houston Oilers uniforms including the color scheme, the helmet and pants stripes and the number font. The helmet logo however is used from the 1998 Tennessee Oilers uniforms. Just decided to do this since they are in Tennessee now and there is another team in the same division in Houston. The jersey also gets a old-school shoulder yoke as a nod to their current uniform set and also a nod to these Tennessee Volunteer throwback uniforms.




Just wanted to go ahead and post the Titans so I could be finished with the NFC and AFC South teams, I'm still gonna go back and re-apply the new template outline to all of the other concepts that have been shown. After that, I'll be posting the NFC East next.

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its one of the best titans concept I've seen. I think having a red alt would be better.

Using the three star in the Tennessee flag on sleeve would be a better look. I think the T shield is a little repetitive on the sleeve but it looks really good on the helmet. 


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I really dig your take on the Titans, it's a great balance of Oilers and Titans design elements. The sword helmet and pant stripe looks awesome too. The only thing that I might change is the alternate, The home and away barely use navy at all making the navy monochrome not very cohesive with the rest of the set. A red alternate like the poster above me mentioned might be interesting to see. 

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@StrongXStyle @henburg Not bad suggestions, I don't really feel like the shield is so much repetitive as the stars are in general but overall I feel like the logo on the sleeve is different enough from the helmet logo and the pants striping/stars that I will likely just keep it as opposed to just going with the stars roundel. Might give it a shot. I'm a bigger fan of the navy alternate for the Titans, its not used quite as much as red throughout the primary sets but it is pretty close. I'll probably do a red one just to see what it looks like though and post it at some point. Thanks for the comments though!





Dallas Cowboys (Posted 5/14/16): Home, Away, Alternate, Throwback

New York Giants (Posted 5/15/16): Home, Away, Alternate, Throwback

Philadelphia Eagles (Posted 5/15/16): Home, Away, Alternate, Throwback

Washington Redskins (Posted 5/16/16): Home, Away, Alternate, Throwback



Dallas Cowboys (Navy/White) vs Redskins *Thanksgiving Day Game

New York Giants (White/Blue) @ Browns

Philadelphia Eagles (Yellow/Tan) vs Packers 

Washington Redskins (White/Gold) @ Cowboys 

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