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Budweiser changes name to America


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48 minutes ago, 2001mark said:


I still use Miller Lite.  

Since it's been brought up: does it bother anyone else that Miller Lite's new marketing campaign is all about the "brewed differently, spelled differently" crap. We get it, you spell "light" more phonetically. 


Still, a decent light/lite beer. 

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It should help them sell the hell out of beer this summer. I don't have a problem with it, and I think it's a neat, albeit weird, idea. 


I like all kinds of beer. It's predictable that any thread mentioning a domestic macrobrew will turn into a series of "piss water" snipes on how refined ones palate is because they pay $9 for a pint. I like all of that stuff too, except for the overly-hoppy varieties, but there's definitely a place for Budweiser-like beers. 

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As part of Budweiser's main market focus, this is such a great marketing move. All of my friends think this is so cool, and we already drink this stuff anyway but know that the cans are cool, I can only imagine these being everywhere this summer. 


This is very similar to all of my friends and I buying the Rams super bowl edition Bud Lights all the time, another great move. 

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