Who Wears Short Shorts? MLB in shorts '77 UPDATE 10/2: Cubs, Rangers, Angels, M's Tweaks

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A few updates for today...



After seeing photos of that Wrigley Field ballgirl from the '80s, I decided this is a look that would work for the Cubs, so they get pinstriped shorts and blue stirrups.


I decided to have some fun with the Rangers, giving them a Texas flag-themed set of shorts. The Angels get white shorts with hosiery based on their '70s red and navy socks.

10-2-page-001.jpgSmall tweak for the Mariners, with the M's getting four-striped stirrups. I gave the Blue Jays blue stirrups as well. Are the blue shorts and blue stirrups too much for Seattle?


Still trying to think of something creative to do for the Expos, Royals, and possibly the Mets. Feedback and suggestions appreciated as usual!

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8 minutes ago, Carolingian Steamroller said:

Love the Cards and Cubs! 


Thanks! Any suggestions for the Expos, Royals or Mets?

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