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MLB Helmets - Central Divisions


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It would look better if it you just made two helmets instead of the half helmets, as for the others, Baltimore, Boston, Atlanta, and Washington look good, for Tampa Bay use the navy logo, Toronto logo should have an white outline on it, not a huge circle behind it, for Miami scrap the "M" entirely and just use a large version of the Marlin itself

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Here is V2

  • Swapped the Tampa Bay logo colors
  • Only one Phillies helmet (red)
  • Mets have only one decal (orange and white)
  • No 'M' on Marlins helmet
  • White outline around Jays logo
On 5/11/2016 at 0:29 PM, eick74 said:

I would flip the Blue Jays logo so it faces the front of the helmet.

Tried to switch the orientation and it looked very bad.


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Nationals: A gray helmet with a white W outlined in red. Red or navy facemask.

Red Sox:  Navy helmet with red B ( cap letter) or red socks; red or navy facemask.

Cardinals:: Red helmet with white St.L outlined in blue. White facemask

Royals: Columbia blue helmet, blue facemask

Pirates: black helmet, black facemask; pirate head with crossed bats

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White Sox should have current logo on their helmet, Detroit's "D" should be white, but keep the facemask Orange, KC should have a blue helmet, blue facemask for Minnesota, make the Pittsburgh "P" all black, all the others look good, especially Milwaukee

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Here are the updates:


Nationals have gray helmet w/ white logo outlined in red w/ navy face mask


White Sox have primary logo

Tigers have all white logo

Royals have a columbia helmet

Twins have navy face mask

Pirates have all black logo




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6 hours ago, NICnoK said:

I feel like the Cincinnati helmet should have more orange and navy on it.

Can't tell if you're thinking about the wrong team or the wrong Cincinnati sport, or both, but I'm kinda confused.

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