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Maine Black Bears Logo UPDATE: Full Body Version


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If Maine isn't thinking of overhauling their current logo, then they should be. IMO it looks like a mess.


I took a look through some black bear reference photos and drew up a logo. I'm pretty comfortable with the shape (although it could still be missing something) but need help on settling in on colors: A,B,C,D are based on current colors- E,F are more natural. Let me know what you think.





And a black version:



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whoa.  i think these are amazing!  Great work!  One of the best bear logos i've seen. I prefer F overall, but of the just Maine colored ones i'd go with A or D.  While the others look great, the darker options will be the best to fit the animal. 



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8 minutes ago, nash61 said:

See, the problem is that the team is specifically called the BLACK Bears, but none of these bears are black. Can we see a black version?




I'm playing around with removing the pupils to make it seem less anthropomorphized..... thoughts?



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"B" has the best contrasting colors.

If you want a black bear you could try shades of black CMYK   0 0 0 100 ,   0 0 0 80,   0 0 0 50 (instead of brown) and   0 0 0 0.

I would consider thickening some of the thinner lined areas (lips, eyes, nose, forehead) to lessen the illustration feel it has.

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21 minutes ago, Dolphins Dynasty said:

Even if they're called the Black Bears, the logo and jersey above is fantastic.

Yeah, it's hard for some to get past the fact that the name is BLACK Bears. But, it's referring to the species that's called black bears not it's color. Black bears can range from black to brown to blackish blue to charcoal and even cream and white (and I don't mean albino).


10 minutes ago, B-mer said:

pretty awesome.  Well done.  You wouldn't want to make a black and gold bruins version of that bear by chance?  :P


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that's pretty cool.  I was thinking of a gold bear with black detailing, like Andy Moog's mask or something, but still really cool.


i think keep the eyes. Without it you could see it as the highlights on the brows as the eyes and then it's just dark detailing underneath

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15 hours ago, Spanna65 said:

By any chance could you turn down your watermark? If you lower the opacity it will still have the same effect.


30 minutes ago, B-mer said:

it is a little distracting.  i almost said something as well. 


Full body logo looks great.

Would something like this be more agreeable?


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