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Retro Style Uniforms next?


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56 minutes ago, stumpygremlin said:

I love the stripes being extended onto the undershirt. I think the undershirt can be a way of solving the problem of truncating sleeve stripes inasmuch as jerseys can put the stripes on the undershirts rather than on the jersey themselves. Thus, you create the illusion of a fully-sleeved jersey.

If the stripes are on both the jersey and the undershirt, they oftentimes won't line up properly, as was the case in the photo above. Plus I don't like the number interrupting the stripe, as was also the case in the photo above. I'll agree that there's potential in that type of striping, though, if all the externalities are accounted for.

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sorry to rehash this, just catching up from yesterday going back to the undershirt topic. I like the undershirt if done properly. in a case of Miss. St., I don't  like the way the number interrupts the line on the jersey. Without the undershirt, it looks good, when you throw on the undershirt, it continues the line and me personally I don't like the line break, IN THE JERSEY.


the reason I say in the jersey is because a&m (now this might be a lil bias) had an undershirt that I thought was executed properly.11734842-standard.jpg



I like the way these look. Doesn't interrupt the jerseys, and the number break is on the undershirt. So if you don't wear the undershirt, it still looks good.




Then they did what I hated, and I know its not a big part of the uniforms since most people don't wear them, but they changed the undershirts into something horrible.


That stupid fade.


Now we have them where its just a continuous line. And that's ok, but I much prefer the numbers in the line.


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12 hours ago, Logojunkie said:

Just came across this. 

With a better cut on the jersey and fix the shoulder caps, I'd think this could be nice. 

Maybe carry the strips on the pants?




An aesthetic clash between the retro stripes and the modern number font.


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