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Highschool logo redesigns (South M. Sabres)


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With all the talk of highschools and their lack of logo originality (often ending up with some crappy drawing or logo ripoff.), I've decided to make a series where I will try to give highschool logos a fresh look. I know this kind of topic had been done before, but I wanted to take my own spin on it. I figure I will take ideas for highschools that need help, because I don't really know which ones need to be redone. (Technically, I could google highschools, but I'm to lazy for that :P ). Also, if you request a school, I can't guarantee how long it will take to make a logo, so hopefully you will be able to be patient.


Let's start off the first two highschools with their old logos.


I know some of you have already seen the tiger, so I'll be rehashing a bit. I figured it fit in this topic though (I won't talk about it much.)

The Tioga Tiger's logo isn't the worst I've seen (And as far as I know they aren't ripping off someone), but is really just not a logo.

Now the Horseheads Blue Raiders are obviously ripping off the Broncos. It's pretty blatant and they really need something new.


I'll start with Tioga.


Pretty self explanatory but if you want to hear my ideas behind the logo you can look here:

Next is the Blue Raiders logo.


I decided to add a few more colors than the original, although I have just a white and blue version (Not a huge fan of it.)

Again, I think the logo speaks for itself.


Requests and comments are welcome. Show me your ideas.

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Well done! Much better.

I'd like to challenge you to make one for Cleveland's Glenville Tarblooders.


They typically use the Georgia/Packers "G" on the helmet and uniforms, and for some reason a robot elsewhere. If you wanna get creative you can try to make something more in line with the word's meaning... (https://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20070122133359AAVkqTz)



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@LEWJ Quite the challenge indeed! Not sure what I will come up with, but I'll keep it in mind.

@odor31 That'll be a neat one to do, thanks for the suggestion.

@ahowe6464 I'm assuming you want me to make something similar to that spear, I'll see what I can do. Thanks :D

@MontyK17 Don't you just hate it when your school takes a logo and recolors it....I'd be happy to fix that for you.


Alright folks, I'll see what I can do. Thank you all.

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My old school, South Mecklenburg in Charlotte NC, currently uses a basic paw print ie Clemson to represent their mascot the Sabres. In the past however they have had a really cool (but poorly rendered) Sabre head with swords behind logo. I'd love to see what you could do with that.



I spoiler tagged some bigger examples too!









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First off, I want to thank you all for the ideas and replies. Some really awesome suggestions and really terrible school logos you all gave me :P I just want to say that I'm not doing these in any specific order, so just be patient if you haven't seen yours yet. Some of the more challenging ones will take me a while.


The school I did first was the Thomas Titans.


Obviously their logo is a complete ripoff and pretty boring for such a powerful name. (I used these colors for one of the logos.)

Now then, drum roll please, I present to you the new Thomas Titans!


I wasn't really sure how to do a titan, I had to do a little research. As far as I know (or think) they were some kind of mythological Greek warrior. So I made the helmet somewhat Greek, while trying to avoid a full on Spartan look. See if you can spot the two lightning bolts. The titans I saw were always associated with lightning, so I threw that in there (Although again, I'm not an expert in these things.)


I was debating the use of colors, so the one above has similar coloring to the "T" logo posted earlier in the thread. But I also have a version with darker blue (Like the logo I posted). I prefer it tbh.



Let me know what you think! Feel free to keep suggesting schools.

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The high-school I go to is really small so these are the only logos I could find that are even remotely close to theirs.


They mainly use a boring red f but they also use this really old panther logo that I couldn't find so I got the closest thing.


If you could it would be neat if you could make that logo a soccer crest because my soccer team has NOTHING on the jerseys but back numbers. Thanks!

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Next up: La Cueva bears.


Old logo, as shown above.


Not the worst I've seen, but definitely needed work.


I was thinking about doing a bear with a similar pose as the one above, but opted for something simpler that could be used across multiple mediums/uniforms. For some reason, I keep thinking this bears resemblance (no pun intended) to the Old Dominion logo lol. I believe it has to do with the colors.


Also my good friend @Broncoboy7 made some wordmarks to go along with these. All credit to him for the wordmarks.





I personally think the Titans one is pretty rad.

Let me know what you all think!



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