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Vancouver Millionaires Secondary Logo Concept


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For a while now I've been wanting to do make a secondary logo for my IHA team the Vancouver Millionaires. The idea I've had in mind was either in a dollar bill-like logo or coin-like logo. I decided to go with the coin route for now and these are the two options I've come up with. The first one is the "toonie" look and the second the "quarter" look. I feel like with the "quarter" logo there is too much blank space, but I figured I'd post these here and get some feedback on what you guys think I should add/remove or change. Let me know!


o6BswFo.png  VW5Hq4w.png

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There's just not a lot of interesting elements going on here.  Intersecting (overlapping, really) VM, roundel, text on a circular path.  It just kind of is what it is.  It's a starting point, but a long way from anything finished.  


If it's just a patch then I guess it's okay, but there's not a whole lot going on.


Maybe make the VM more unique by having the V slide into the M's crease, give the cornered edges of the letters more distance from the grey ring around the first one.  Try different fonts. Look at and reference some of your favorite patches from the past.  

Just keep building on what you have and trying new things.  If you want more C&C and are upset that people don't post in Concepts much, and this goes for everybody, lack of reaction doesn't necessarily mean it "sucks," so much as it just doesn't appear to be anywhere near a finished product.  Plus if you're just putting a couple stripes onto the same old templates or recoloring stuff, nobody will care because we've seen it all before.

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I agree with Andy on this one. The logo itself is kind of bland. Maybe some mountains or a Vancouver Landmark in the background (in a faded silver) with the "VM" front and center in green?


It's a good start, but definitely unfinished right now.

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