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NHL Double Series (final updates)


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Happy Boxing Day!  Here's a bonus Stadium Series concept.


2017 Stadium Series:


You might recognize the design of the Flyers jersey, as it's basically just a recoloured version of my "New Look" Flyers concept.  The Penguins jersey is based off of an old concept of mine as well, but that concept is from way back in 2013.


Also, I hope to get back to my NHL Double Series soon (I already have ideas for a couple of teams).

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My Ideal Vancouver Canucks:


The Canucks are my favourite team, so I've thought a lot about their uniforms.  If it were up to me, I'd stick with their current striping pattern (but slightly tweaking the thickness of the some stripes), then I'd promote Johnny Canuck to the primary logo, switch to a block font, and add green to the collars.


New Look Vancouver Canucks:


My more experimental concept uses the two shades of blue from the Canucks 1997-2007 jerseys, a striping pattern somewhat influenced by their infamous "Flying-V" jerseys, and Johnny Canuck once again as the primary logo.

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I still prefer the Canucks with more traditional striping but for an experimental look, that's not half bad. The two shades of blue from the West Coast Express jerseys look really good with the green.


I still don't like the full-body Johnny Canuck, though. I know I'm in the minority but I prefer the orca.

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The Blackhawks are up next...


My Ideal Chicago Blackhawks:


The only modification I made here was adding laces to the collars.  Their current jerseys are probably my favourite set in the NHL, hence the lack of changes.


New Look Chicago Blackhawks:


This concept started with just the idea of red pants with a black jersey.  I tried to make the road jersey fit with the red pants as well, but then decided two pairs of pants was the best option.  The striping pattern of the jerseys is somewhat inspired by their jerseys from the 1940's.  The primary logo uses their old roundel but without the outer ring, just to try something different.

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Im a sucker for double blues. The canucks look awesome, as do the avs and leafs. the leafs on the sleeves is a great touch. i do believe the flyers have it perfect at the moment, so i see why its hard to make an out there concept. overall great work! and LOVE the canucks (both sets)

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It's been a while (sorry about that), but I'm finally back with a new set of concepts for this series.


My Ideal Anaheim Ducks:


This may be unpopular, but my favourite Ducks logo is their current primary (not the beloved Mighty Duck mask).  I also went with their current number font and colour scheme, and then used a striping pattern which combines their different eras.


New Look Anaheim Ducks:


I also wanted to try the Ducks in a double green and orange colour scheme, so that's what I did here.  Their Mighty Duck logo returns as the primary logo, although it's now on top of a chest stripe (otherwise the green triangle blended into the green jersey too much).

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It's been a few months, but I'm back with another double concept.


My Ideal Tampa Bay Lightning:


My "Ideal" concept is based off of the Lightning's current look but with a few changes, including adding contrasting yokes, using a brighter blue, removing any black, and (most importantly) bringing back the victory stripes.


New Look Tampa Bay Lightning:


The sleeves of my second concept feature a lightning bolt design, which connects to form a contrasting name-plate on the back of the jersey.  I also experimented with navy blue instead of royal blue, and used the circular bolt from their roundel as the primary logo.  The name and number fonts are the same on both concepts, as they seemed to fit both concepts well.

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My Ideal Boston Bruins:


My favourite Bruins jerseys are their 1967-74 set, which this concept is mostly based off of.  I did make a few small changes though, including adding serifs to the logo, and using their current name and number font.


New Look Boston Bruins:


I then wanted to try a concept using brown and gold (not yellow), so I made this.  For the primary logo I used their B on its own, and I kept the striping pattern fairly simple.

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My Ideal Ottawa Senators:


For my ideal concept, I returned the Senators to a black home jersey, used their updated 2D logo as the primary, and put two sets of stripes on the sleeves (and socks).


New Look Ottawa Senators:


I also had this idea for a modern barber-pole pattern, using red and fading black stripes.  Those stripes are limited to a sleeve-length yoke on the white jersey, and I used the same logos as the previous concept (the updated 2D logo on the front and the old peace tower logo on the shoulders).

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