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NASCAR Racing 3


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Hey guys! So after a very productive week post an exciting Bristol race and buying Talladega tickets, I  finished my 2016 set of Sprint Cup cars. After a week of testing, and a change of my rating system.


Here's some pics for everyone.




So I did something I hadn't done before, gone farther than the Cup series! Here are 40 Xfinity Series cars I made over the last month. I'm relieved that I can move on.




One thing I've also been doing is updating the tracks. The game is very dated with tracks, and theres a nice little modding community to fill the gaps in the series from 1999 to now. With mods, the track images and info become very inconsistent. So I took it upon myself to fix this. With my 40 tracks, I updated the "trkinfo" and "trkshot" files


(yes, the Indy car track)


Every year, I edit the calendar file to reflect the changes to the Sprint Cup schedule. With those mods, the race logos range from "pixelated" to "none". I went through and fixed that for every Cup and Xfinity race this year.



So I've been doing a lot of work on it, and I'm really glad it's all over.


But I wanted to go even further for what I consider one of the best games ever.


Download the entire game, my mods and all, right here.



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Duuuuuuuuude this makes me wish I didn't have a metered internet connection because I would download this in a heartbeat (maybe later though). This looks so much fun! NASCAR video games haven't been that great in recent years, but seeing this has me excited. Nice work!

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So in that download is a completely playable version with my 2016 mod. I took out the 1999 tracks and cars to save space.


i almost, and still might, named this thread "I literally uploaded an entire NASCAR game for you all to download"

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I'm experiencing problems. 


I downloaded the game, put it in the right folder, and the game seemed to be working. 


I went into single race mode and chose Bristol-Night. 


I clicked go to track and the screen went black for a couple of seconds then closed itself. 


Im looking forward to playing the game, but I can't. 


Do you have any suggestions?

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8 hours ago, TheBigBuc said:

Nice mod for a great game, Can you also do the Truck series,

Just saw this! Part of the reason I did this was to grow the community, but there is a truck expansion somewhere. I never needed it but it is possible. So if you wanted the 1999 series, that could be found somewhere

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15 hours ago, dont care said:

Will it work for Mac?

I'm actually not sure, I'd love for someone to check that for me.


16 hours ago, Uglybus said:

Every single one of them crashed at the same point. 

Dang, I'm kind of hoping it's your fault somehow. My roommate tried it and it worked, but I think he just added files to what he had instead of using the download

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So i don't usually post on this forum but i felt that i could solve a lot of questions people were having

1. to make sure the game runs most of the time, make sure you run it in compatibility mode with windows xp service pack 2 and that you run the game as an administrator

2. to run the game all you need to do is unzip the folder and run the application called nascar racing 3

3. while i haven't tried all of tracks i did realize that the championship mode crashes immediately once you start it although that maybe because atlanta is the first race, although im not quite sure

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Fantastic job! 

Is there any possibility of an update for the 2017 season?

I'm a fan of this series of Papyrus games and I'm trying to learn how to make updates too, I would not want to see this wonderful game die.
thanks so much! 

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