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Seagull guitars rebrand


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My photobucket account has issues, so I'll post links tot he old & new logos & can post the images later.


Any thoughts?


Old Seagull Logo


New Seagull Logo


Personally I don't mind the new wordmark, but  I prefer the old one--it just fits better.

But he new Seagull I don't like--i looks like a squiggle, not a bird--the old one looks like a seagull.


I don' own a Seagull guitar--but I like them.

I do have a guitar from one of their sister brands--Simon & Patrick


As far as I know they haven't changed their logo...


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acoustic guitar manufacturer right? i really like the new logo. its really well crafted, modern, adn will scale much better to smaller sizes. the old logo is so disjointed, an icon just slapped above the word mark, and looks like it was done in MS paint. the new elements all fit together well, its hand drawn, and i love the bow-tie shape of the new workmark. the centered sun/circle will make this fit perfectly on the headstocks. im a fan

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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