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Zac Seidemann

Battle Born Brigade logo concepts

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The primary logo is based off of my Reno Fc concept

photo bb logo16_zpsy6ch6ams.jpg

This next log is based on the primary logo. The main defiance’s being that there is no crest and an abbreviated name.

photo bb logo17_zps2xask0xr.jpg

These next two logos are based off of banners some of the fans had at the game  

photo bb logo18_zpsltl1pbex.jpgphoto bb logo19_zps77fyyqhv.jpg

This logo is based on the don’t tread on me flag   

photo bb logo20_zpsamyaugbn.jpg

Finally these word mark logos are based off of three things, the Reno 1868 colors, the Nevada state flag, and the don’t tread on me flag photo bb logo21_zpsiw5hgyyz.jpg

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