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NBA 2k17 custom covers


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Here's an updated look at Jimmy Butler.

1 hour ago, MJWalker45 said:

Not a bad look. I'd say move this over to concepts though.

Thanks! I think I will move it. How do I do that?

Jimmy Butler - 2k16.png

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16 hours ago, ahowe6464 said:

How about Isaiah Thomas or Jae Crowder?


17 hours ago, TFet41 said:

Can you make a Dirk one with his fadeaway shot?


17 hours ago, Jvhn177 said:

Brian Scalabrine 2k17 Legend Edition...White Mamba replaces the Black Mamba

Thanks for all of the requests! Glad I'm getting a good reception on these. I can post the PSD I made here too if anyone wants it. Will be posting Kyle Lowry sometime today or tomorrow as well.

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