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Iowa Barnstormers Logo Concept/Update


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As some of you may know, the Iowa Barnstormers are an arena football team that plays in the Indoor Football League after playing in the Arena Football League & AF2 since 2001. Before that was a separate franchise by the same name that played from 1995 to 2000 with some dude named Kurt Warner at the helm before relocating to New York and becoming the Dragons.


During the original team's run from 1995-2000, the Barnstormers used the following logo as an alternate mark representing, well, a Barnstormer, or a Baron, if you will:



While making concepts for an alternate history series based on the Arena Football League (which, like the AFL, seems to be a lost cause), I reached the Barnstormers and thought that their current primary featuring the winged roundel and the biplane seemed a little dated. So I decided to update "Mr. Iowa" up there^^, and the result was this:

Iowa Barnstormers Logo.jpg

So let me know what you guys think. While a full Arena series may not get off the ground, I had a lot of fun updating this guy and thought that it was too good not to share it. So let me know what you guys think! :)



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The perspective of the logo is a little off, it needs to be a bit wider just like @ahowe6464 said. 


I think you need to develop the face a little bit better too. It looks like there is just a giant nose above his mustache and no real face there. I would say round off the mustache a little bit better, maybe even add some of his cheek in there and tone down the nose a bit so that we can see his eyes too. The line/shadow coming off of the front of the helmet on to the face is just too distracting and almost looks like an extension of the mustache.


Good start though.

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It's a great logo, even just as it is! Nice improvement!


I agree the goggles need some changing. Maybe make them a silver-ish color to get across that they're made of glass, like other logos?


They just seem hollow right now and I think that's the issue.

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