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Longmont City Flag Redesign


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I know everyone on here usually only posts jerseys and logos (Me included) but I realized that the town has an absolutely awful flag, and I felt the need to redesign it.


If there's any terminology or references to the city that you don't understand, feel free to Google it.


The flag is for the city of Longmont, Colorado, which is located on the Front Range, roughly halfway between Fort Collins and Denver.


Below is a bunch of slides from a Powerpoint I'm making. Below the pictures of the slides will be a bit of commentary based on what's on the slide, and the inspiration/thoughts behind what's on the slide.



Presentation Slide1.png

This is the title slide. Nothing really too special here. The flag flying on the front is the current flag of Longmont, whcih I'll get to later.



Presentation Slide2.png


I'm gonna be brutally honest with this flag. It's an abstract mess from the 80's, with two 'L's, and negative space that resembles a crack pipe. In an unscientific survey I did of 25 people around Longmont, only 1 of them knew this was the city flag, and 0 of them had any idea what it represented. I don't understand why there's two 'L's when "Longmont" only has one. I don't know what the negative space is for, and I don't know why the 'L's are so oddly placed. I've only seen this flying in front of one civic building, one business complex, and in one workplace.



Presentation Slide3.png

Not too long ago, the State of Colorado introduced new branding, located on the left, that more citizens find welcoming than the previous Colorado 'C' from the state flag. I agree that this is a lot cleaner, more modern, and more welcoming. I used that shade of green in my flags, and tried to hint at it in each one. My second inspiration was one of Longmont's most famous attractions, Twin Peaks. That's located on the right, and is formed between the two 13,000-14,000 foot mountains, Mt. Meeker and Long's Peak. I was also inspired by the foothills, (Pictured in front of Twin Peaks) the Longmont waterways, such as MacIntosh Lake, (Pictured at right) and the city's two rivers; the St. Vrain River, and Left Hand Creek. Lastly, I tried to represent the Great Plains that seem to begin right as Longmont does.



Presentation Slide4.png

Flags should be simplistic, look good, and have meaning, which this one does. The white mountains in the middle represent Twin Peaks, the blue on the left represents Left Hand Creek, the blue on the right represents the St. Vrain River, the green on the top represents the Rocky Mountains' green trees, and the green on the bottom represents the green of the Great Plains' grasses and grains.



Presentation Slide5.png

This is essentially the simplified version of Flag Design 1. The meaning is still there, minus the blue and the rivers. The white, this time, represents the white that sprinkles over the town and the mountains every winter.



Presentation Slide6.png


This is also a simplified version of flag design 1, just without the blue and the bottom green. The Twin Peaks extend all the way to the bottom of the flag this time, giving them a new feeling of height and power.



Presentation Slide7.png

I bet you're starting to see a pattern with these flags? They're all similar, and they all represent the same things. That's mostly true, except that the final one represents MacIntosh Lake rather than the two rivers of Longmont, because MacIntosh Lake provides the local farmers with water year-round, and also provides a beautiful place to hike, and to play, and just to view the mountains from.



Presentation Slide8.png

This is the final slide, and provides rough mockups of all the flags flying. The top flag is the current flag, and all my designs are located below it.




Well, there it is! I know they're not the best flags, but leave me your thoughts, praise, and criticism below!

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Nice - I would disagree about them not being the best - actually like them quite a bit. They remind me of the Japanese prefectural flags; unique color choices, kind of blocky and graphic. Four is my favorite, although I feel like the peak should be lower on the flag....

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I believe I've mentioned this to you before but I grew up in Longmont, CO, so this is pretty cool to see!  I'm partial to the ones with the twin peaks since from my house, if I walked to the end of my driveway and looked towards the west I had an unobstructed view of the twin peaks -- which makes sense since I lived on Mountain View Ave.  I think I like #3.

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Alright, I'm probably going to end up sending this to and presenting it in front of someone from the city. Before I do that, I need to know which flag is the best, and also have some thoughts on some other branding.


I also added a poll in the original post for the flags.


The "LOCO" wordmark is because the rest of Northern Colorado calls the region "NoCo" or "NorCo" or something like that, and little bumper stickers have began popping up around Longmont with "LoCo" on the back. The shape of the mountains and the font are pulled directly from the Colorado statewide branding.


(Note, these are all HEAVILY inspired by other Colorado Branding.)

(1) Branding Logo1.png

(1) Branding Logo2.png

(1) Branding Logo3.png

(1) Branding Pres1.png

(1) Branding Pres2.png

(1) Branding Pres3.png

(1) Branding Pres4.png

(1) Branding Pres5.png

(1) Branding Pres6.png

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I'm also from Longmont and have lived there my entire life until 3 weeks ago. See Red and I had discussed Longmont's flag in a previous flag and while I disagree on the quality of the flag I too think it is far too unknown. 


I I don't think Longmont has a great flag but do think it is pretty good for being so unused in a relatively small town. With that said I like these more. I really like 1, 3, and 4 but they all seem slightly off to me. My suggestion would be the Green Blue Green background of 1 but with the larger mountain of 3. I would really like to see that.


P.S I would really like to help you in any way possible on this so feel free to pm me. I think I could definitely provide some valuable in the feedback as a Longmont native who is also dorky enough to be on these boards!

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1 hour ago, TShaw528 said:

The Green/White/Green one (#2) is pretty identical Nigeria's flag, just rotated 90 degrees.


I knew it looked familiar, I just never knew from where. Just for the record, that was completely unintentional; I was just trying to simplify #3.

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