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Professional Dodgeball Coalition 2.0


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Well hello again. It is June 19th yes? 3 years ago on this date, I tasked myself with a modest challenge: Create a fantasy dodgeball league that could stand up next to the NBA, the NFL, the MLB, the NHL, or any combination of 3 letters that symbolized the penultimate level of sport. Boy did that challenge get out of hand. I created 128 concepts and maybe 150 or so if you figure in the ones I completely scraped (remember that cute red panda). I put more hours into this fantasy concept than any human should. It was a blast. The best part was the great people I met along the way. So why do it again? Maybe Im just trying return to my lost glory?

Truth be told I look to make what was 'fun and extensive' 'better and refined'. While this is a fantasy, I know a 128 team league is implausible. Scheduling, travel, and starting finances would all be huge problems. So my goal this time through is this: To take what was good and make it better; to chose the best of the best and refine those pieces into a league that is believable. So this time through you will only have 30 teams. But you will get a developmental league of 15 teams (PDRL) and a Ladies league of 12 teams (LPDC). You will get more details on each team. You will get new templates, new rules, new marketing. While there will be a lot you have seen before I promise you this: you will never crave for new material.

How can I promise this? Because it is all done! The entire project is done and ready to roll out. Over 250 images set in a folder on my desktop ready for your eyes. Over the next two days you will get a look at about 25 of them to help you understand all this project will entail and then on Tuesday the first of the 57 teams will be revealed. And Wednesday you'll get the next. And Thursday...you guessed it. 1 team every day for 57 days.

I have so much Ive been dying to tell you all but I cant make it all in just this post. For now you get to dissect the new and improved league logos:


The hexagon is important in the PDC and its subsidiaries. Each team will have 6 players on the court for each game. So it was used often. The main league logo follows the trend of North America sports leagues and using a RWB color scheme. The conference logos (named american and national) each borrow colors from this scheme. In a first amongst pro sports,  the conference lines bridge across the gender gap and the LPDC will also use the American and National conference marks. The LPDC(Ladies' Professional Dodgeball Coalition) mark uses a unique color scheme to differeciate themselves from a fairly mirror logo as the mens league. The PDRL (Professional Dodgeball Rookie League) also uses familiar shaping but now shows the ball rising to symbolize the goal of the players to elevate themselves to the top tier. The three stars represent the leagues three divisions. 


Plenty more info coming tomorrow morning. Happy Fathers Day!

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Good morning! For your viewing pleasure here is a few maps laying out which cities will host teams:




The red and blue on the first two represent the conferences. Each PDC conference will be divided into a East, Central, and West division. The PDRL will be divided into a North, Central, and South divisions.

May the predictions begin!

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43 minutes ago, ujju2 said:



Edit: And has it already been 3 whole years? Wow, time flies. That's scary.


Edit #2: And why do I expect this to expand just like the original did? :)

Haha that won't happen this time. At least not in terms of more teams. You may get more content than you expected however. The most expansion I could see happening would be 4 (at most) LPDC clubs


And once my last semester starts there will be ZER0 time for me create anything new. Thats why I wanted it all done ahead of time.

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Ok no real science to the timing of my posts. Just don't want to post everything at once so that feedback can be spaced out. But since its been a little sparse so far Ill move on. Here are the templates: the four layouts you will be seeing over the next 60ish days. EXAMPLE LOGO.jpg

Here is the team art template. As you can see the there won't be secondary logos this time. I felt I was forcing them the first time through. I wanted to have just one mark for the team. New this time around is the stamp. Im a big believer that a good logo can stand alone in one color print if needed. Again we have the word mark in all its glory. The template features listing of city, arena, conference, and division. Also included are the team colors. Teams were limited to 4 colors in 2.0


This is where the most change will happen. The Jersey template will show a home jersey that will me used most and a clash uniform when needed on the road. As you can tell its more similar to a basketball set and gave me some new options for design. I should mention that this whole project was done on illustrator and photoshop was left behind. I want to thank the template list and gingerbreadmann for the basketball jersey template I started with to make this set. 


As you can see the court design also got a make over. More symmetrical. To briefly explain the bounds rules a player is called out if they step out of bounds or across the opponents line (red in this case) or in their own eliminator box (the half hexagon) Special thanks to DarthBrooks for the court template that I butchered up to make my own. But that wood grain I couldn't have done with out. 


And the add on gear. The gloves and hats make a return as does team specific balls. Everything got rebranded to adidas (no I don't own any stock of anything...just for fun). This black ball will be the game used balls with each team having their own custom eliminator. New warm up shirts with each team having a custom catch phrase. 


Hope you enjoy all this. It was a fun template to use and help me focus on the creative and not worry about the material stuff. Let me hear what ya think!!

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So this is new. Haven't told anyone about this announcement. In addition to the 60 days of team reveal. I also plan to simulate an entire season (all three leagues) Kind of how KevSim did with his league a while back. To do that I need a format and schedule. So here it is!SCHEDULE.jpgSchedule-1.jpgSchedule-2.jpgSchedule-3.jpgSchedule-4.jpgSchedule-5.jpgSchedule-LPDC1.jpgSchedule-LPDC2.jpgSchedule-PDRL1.jpgSchedule-PDRL2.jpg


As you can see there is an allstar week: you'll learn more about that later . A playoff system and a tv schedule featuring a weekly set of regular nationally aired game. More details on the playoffs and tv stuff later today.

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This is absolutely amazing.  How exactly did you create the entire schedule?  Is there a website or some sort of system that you use to make sure that each of the teams games are evenly spread out across the schedule?

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8 minutes ago, willmoen said:

This is absolutely amazing.  How exactly did you create the entire schedule?  Is there a website or some sort of system that you use to make sure that each of the teams games are evenly spread out across the schedule?

I looked and looked for a website. I ended up just pairing the teams up with the match ups they would need. Started with divisional then the rest and just used a round robin format to plan it out. Didn't take nearly as long as I thought it would. Just moved the pieces on an illustrator file

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