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Las Vegas NHL Expansion


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Just now, FlyEaglesFly76 said:

Not a bad logo, but I don't know if i'm convinced just yet.. I think if it's Golden Knights then it should be a KNIGHT not a spartan.  ''Las Vegas Spartans'' would be ideal, with this logo I think.


I was hoping for Silver Knights tbh



I hope it's not Spartans since the Sens model off that concept

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17 minutes ago, TheLAKnight said:

I like it! It has all the hallmarks of a great logo!

  • Shield
  • Headgear
  • Initials of the city
  • And it's g...wait a minute...

9802_los_angeles_kings-anniversary-2017.png  71jepx81eqzz1l6q9g1g5j1lh.png


There are enough differences though and the gold for the Kings is only temporary. Someone was going to mention it at some point though. Figured I'd get it out of the way now. :P


The way they managed to work the V into the helmet is awesome!



Minor similarities aside, if we're comparing them then the Knights just shat all over the Kings logo.


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the part i'm most excited about is the navy and gold color scheme. (assuming that is navy, and not just funky lighting on black)


i heard a lot of people around the stars re-design tell me that one of the schemes that gained a lot of traction for dallas was navy and gold, with some red detailing (similar to the titans level of red detailing, with the two-tone blue). i wasn't a huge fan of the idea, obviously, because i wanted green... but there were times in the bargaining stages of grief that i thought "actually, navy and gold, with a little bit of red could look pretty damn sexy."


if that's what's going on here, i'll be pleased.


still, while i really like this logo so far, i don't think it would be strong enough as a primary mark on the front of the sweaters. it's missing something, and seems too tall to work as a primary crest.


regardless, they've got my attention finally, in a positive manner.

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If it DOES wind up being Golden Knights, which looks more and more likely by viewing that logo, it will be the ultimate middle finger to many of the fans of the team, and will set precident that their opinion absolutely does not matter. Golden Knights was far and away the least popular of the three options offered. After proceeding with the name Knights (or any variation of Knights) despite it being generally frowned upon, the least he could have done is gone with the alternative the majority of the fans seemed to be willing to at least accept as the lesser of three evils. Picking the least popular shows it was never about the people he wants to buy tickets or merchandise.. it was all about him and whatever West Point connection (which means jack :censored: to noone in Vegas but him) he could squeeze in there. That is a horrid precident to set. Also if it is Vegas Golden Knights.. Team better win and win quick because that is one more huge FU to them.


The logo is cool though. And if it is Spartans, Gladiators or something else, well.. I rescind that above statement. 

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