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Most Cursed City in Sports


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Now that we can scratch Cleveland off the list, who gets the least desirable title in all of sports - the most cursed city in all of professional sports?


I'm going with Buffalo, personally. Not only has a championship eluded them, but they've lost in heartbreaking ways. They are what Cleveland was heading into tonight, just with one fewer team.


This discussion is inevitable in the wake of Cleveland getting over the hump, so have at it, folks.

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Has to be Buffalo... No other city can compete in terms of heart break. Wide Right... the goal that was kicked in... 4 straight Super Bowls, 4 straight losses... there is literally nothing that Buffalo can do to shake that image until the Bills and Sabres win it all in the same year.


San Diego is a close second at this moment, but unlike Buffalo, San Diego hasn't had much heartbreak to deal with. The Chargers' lone Super Bowl trip was a pasting at the hands of the 49ers and the Padres are 0-2 in the World Series.

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3 hours ago, Ice_Cap said:

Buffalo. The Chargers have never been good enough to be as tortured as the Bills. 

BUF is 4-1in AFC Championship Games and SAN is 1-3, but it's just a difference of one game for losing appearances. But SAN has far more postseason appearances thus more Decembers of failure since 1998. SAN made the playoffs in the '80's more than BUF, so they thought they had a shot


I lean SAN due to their divisional success, and quick playoff failure.

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Minnesota has a strong argument.  It's the hands-down winner among places with all four leagues.  1991 is getting to be a long time ago.  But as pointed out on a different thread, I am no that old and I have fond memories of two Twins championships (7th and 11th grades, respectively).  But 25 years, 18 with four teams and 7 with three...that's really, really, impressive futility.

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Per Wikipedia

  1. Ottawa - 89 years, 1 team
  2. San Diego - 53 years, 2 teams
  3. Buffalo - 51 years, 2 teams
  4. Vancouver - 46 years, 1 team
  5. Milwaukee - 45 years, 2 teams
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First of all, if your city has won any of the Super Bowls at any time you can STFU (except for maybe young Chiefs or Jets fans). So D.C. get out your VHS players and watch your Joe Gibbs era highlights. 


Last night Buffalo took the reigns. end of story. Sorry, San Diego, but when you live by the beach it's hard to put you over on Buffalo even if your drought is longer. Is that fair? Probably not, but Buffalo's also been through more heartache. 


The runners-up would have to be San Diego, then I'm going with Minnesota by virtue of having more teams, and then Cincinnati because we haven't advanced in any playoffs since 1995, which I'm pretty sure is the current longest drought in the Big 4.  


Also the Cavs winning a title means the 1990 Reds are no longer the "last Ohio team to win a Big 4 championship" so that's a little bit of a bummer. 


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